Thursday, August 19

Just passing fun stuff along...

So here are two "deals" for today that I've heard about online. I just did the tea one {yum, yum!!!!}, I'm waiting to tell my "Miss Gap" sister about the Groupon one (she is at work). ;-)

1. Free Gourmet Tea Sampler. This one is for those like me who can visit a mall, spend a few hours there, get my "mall fix" and then be good for 6+ months. But, we SURE do like our tea! ;-)  

*I just checked this one again and they've reached their 1000 free (sampler + shipping) limit, but you can still get the sampler (worth 20 cups for loose, 25 cups for bagged) for free, you'll just have to pay the $1.99 shipping. I'm sorry!*

Free Tea

2. This one can't be used online (after it is bought anyways) so it is for people like Kate who view shopping as therapy. ;-) {If you do this one, please consider using me as your "referrer," it will make for a free date for Dwight and I down the road.::grin::}

$50 at Gap for $25 Groupon deal

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