Monday, August 2

And more pictures - Post 3

Our third day was much quieter, as we were a bit tired. ;-) {I can't blame her for not being too sure about it all— new place, new noises and it got down to about 40 at night - it was in the upper 80's/low 90's during the day.} After our lil' campsite breakfast we loaded everything up, went on a longer hike and then began our drive back to Colorado Springs. We couldn't wait to be back home! Milkshakes, hamburgers and hot showers (well, lukewarm for lobster-skinned me) never were so wonderful before!

God's creation is so beautiful!

Miss sleepyhead.
Enjoying her new booklet
Our hike trail marker showing distance. We went to Bear Lake and then turned around and went to Nymph and Dream lakes. It was a "short" hike but it was uphill and at about 10,000 ft. and I'm not super-athletic. I'm glad I wasn't the one carrying Chloe and the backpack! Having to carry my tote and myself was plenty.
Random picture. :-)
At Nymph Lake. The waterlilies were so pretty!
Still at Nymph Lake. 
Stopping for a break.
Up we go!
The views were amazing!
Just us. :-D {Well, her fingers got in.}
Don't look down!
Pretty stream with a beaver dam.
A bridge enroute
I love pretty flowers!
Another bridge to cross. :-)
At Dream Lake. :-)
The trip back (downhill) went much faster. ;-P
Getting in a lil' nap. :-)
Looking forward to heading back!


Melissa said...

This is really strange, but did your in-laws just move to Kirksville, MO?...

Elizabeth Bailey said...

Melissa - they sure did! Loren and Janet Bailey are Dwight's parents. Do you know them from church? We've heard nothing but good about Kirksville. :-)

Melissa said...

haha, the world suddenly just got smaller. The only reason I came across your blog was because I was looking for blogs that had the Gettys set as their favorite music, thinking it might be an encouraging blog. Hannah was just telling me about she's going to spend 6 weeks with you guys in Dec :) Yeah, they go to my church. So glad to have them here!

Elizabeth Bailey said...

Well then, I am looking forward to meeting you when we come down for a visit! I am SO grateful that Hannah doesn't mind coming out - it will be fun having her here.