Saturday, June 26

Fuzzibunz Giveaway

I admit that although I've never used this brand personally, I've heard that it is great! And hey, I sure would try it if I was given one! ;-P You can enter this giveaway as well, by simply going HERE. 

BumGenuis Giveaway

I *love* the Bumgenius AIO Organic diaper - and it has snaps, too! [Very important with Chloe.] If I could, I would only diaper with it, it really is that great. :-) I have three that I've been using at night with Chloe, and we're getting more for Sprout, but hey, FREE would be marvelous! They are a bit on the pricey side, so this is a very generous giveaway. I love that they fit 7-35 lbs, you just adjust the snaps!

You can check out the giveaway (@the B Keeps Us Honest) right HERE. :-D

Friday, June 25

She's a little monkey ...

Yup. Chloe sure is. :-) Seriously, she keeps us on our toes and it is imperative to glance at her if she is being quiet. Two weeks ago she began climbing - I turned around to look at her and she was sitting on top of a crate! Yikes! Now, she is determined to master chairs. Oh boy. :-P And earlier this week she was sitting at my feet, quietly playing (or so I thought) while I talked with Katie on the phone. All of a sudden I see blue being waved above her head - yup, she has learned to remove her diaper (it was aplix). Snaps only from now on! I wish I could say that she waited until I had it refastened on her, but she didn't. Of course. :-P

She loves to cruise holding onto furniture and has even stood alone for a second several times... so shoes have moved up on the "to purchase" priority list. I'm thinking about Robeez. Any ideas from mom's/ sisters/ babysitters of walkers? And sniff... she had her 1st haircut last week, well, I guess it was really just a bang trim. Her lil' lock is safely tucked away in her baby book. 

Last week I took her in for a lump we noticed in her leg - come to find out she had a staph infection, poor baby! So on antibiotics she went, and we finished the last dose today. She loves taking medicine. She will lick the squirt thing clean and say "mmm, mmm." Strange. Very strange. I, for one, always spat it out - until  I got older anyways, and would then fold it into my napkin and dispose of it. Very bad. Thankfully when I took her in for her 9 month checkup (this week), the doctor said she was looking great! She has slimmed down a lot (is now a bit over 20 lbs.) and is about 29 in. tall. Tooth numero six is just about to pop through, and oh I wish it would! The poor girl doesn't handle teething well, and becomes a bear. A sweet bear... but nonetheless... 

Lil' Sprout is doing well, too! He/she is just as active as Chloe was (ha! not that she has slowed down!), so it wasn't easy to get clear ultrasound measurements, but we are looking at a due date of Dec. 22, 2010. (Please lil' one, don't go 11 days over like she did! Please....) We are so excited! It was so much fun to see the little hands waving and the feet kicking - and the tiny nose was just precious! God's handiwork is so incredible. :-D

Friday, June 18

Quote time...

Cleaning and scrubbing will wait ’till tomorrow, but children grow up, as I’ve learned to my sorrow. So quiet down cobwebs! Dust go to sleep! I’m rocking my baby. Babies don’t keep. – Ruth Hamilton

 ~less than 1 hr. old~

Pretty things...

Anthropologie emails can be fun to look at. Their latest one makes me want to get crafty! Aren't these pretty? :-D

Possible Free Hamburger from Champps?

So, I'm not for sure how long these will be available, but if you become a fan of Champps on Facebook, they say that you'll be emailed a coupon for a free hamburger (supposedly no purchase necessary to redeem it, either). Anyways, we gave it a shot! In case you are interested, the link is HERE. I've only been there once (Was that the last World Cup?! No... Manchester was playing one of the games...), but it was yummy!

Friday, June 11

And now, a word from lil' Chloe...

I am a real person...

... dependent upon the grace of God.

I confess:
*My house is currently messy, and I have a pile of dishes on the counter. My bathroom is desperately in need of cleaning. Any takers? ;-)
*I sometimes make frozen pizza (Yup, the ones they sell for $1 - and I try to use coupons to make them even cheaper) for my husband (twice in this last week alone!). Obviously, not every meal is gourmet & highly creative, or even homemade. I love to cook - but life happens.  He prefers PB&J sandwiches for lunch. (That gave me some serious "I can't believe I'm sending my husband to work with that" guilt complex the first few months!)
*My vitamin list does not fill a page or cause anyone to be impressed. I take two and they both come from Wal-Mart. I sometimes forget to take them.
*My child is unique, amazing, talented and thrilling - just like EVERY precious child God has lovingly created.
*Our marriage is wonderful and we have learned so much as we learn to love each other as God first loved us. (Rare, or in denial, are the newlyweds who haven't faced difficulties of some sort or measure... true?) And we  have tons to learn - bring it on! Maybe we'll write a book after we've celebrated 125 years. Until then, we'll be too busy learning. ;-)
*I have interests and I have skills. Really! I promise to not bore you by being sure you take notice. In fact, most of the time I'd really rather you didn't.
*Shockingly, not everyone likes me. Really, it doesn't bother me. ;-) Chloe and Dwight think I'm fabulous.
*I have killed plastic plants before. Yet I still try to grow real ones anyhow. Someday - I'll have bouquets of fresh-cut flowers. :-) I'll share, too!
*You won't be seeing a picture of Chloe as she enjoys an apple muffin on her 1st birthday - titled her first exposure to sugar! Reason: Dwight gave her a sip of Mt. Dew when she was 3 days old. Hasn't hurt her in the least bit.
*I didn't send out Christmas cards last year. Or the year before that! Someday I do hope to. ;-)
*I haven't worn make-up since Monday.
*I frequently lose my phone. Last time - it was under the fridge.  (Thank you, Chloe!)
*I don't like sushi, or escargo, or eel, or octopus (fried or boiled), or plain fat. Yes, I've tried them. I guess I'm just picky. ;-)
*My Bible is ESV, not Hebrew/Latin/or  Old English.
*My personal devotional/relational/nutritional/ etc. habits or opinions are just that - personal.
*et cetera

... so anywho. In case there are any myths out there - I hope they've been dispelled. ;-)Yes, I am in a rather facetious mood today. My hair did look rather red this morning! :-P

Tuesday, June 1