Friday, June 25

She's a little monkey ...

Yup. Chloe sure is. :-) Seriously, she keeps us on our toes and it is imperative to glance at her if she is being quiet. Two weeks ago she began climbing - I turned around to look at her and she was sitting on top of a crate! Yikes! Now, she is determined to master chairs. Oh boy. :-P And earlier this week she was sitting at my feet, quietly playing (or so I thought) while I talked with Katie on the phone. All of a sudden I see blue being waved above her head - yup, she has learned to remove her diaper (it was aplix). Snaps only from now on! I wish I could say that she waited until I had it refastened on her, but she didn't. Of course. :-P

She loves to cruise holding onto furniture and has even stood alone for a second several times... so shoes have moved up on the "to purchase" priority list. I'm thinking about Robeez. Any ideas from mom's/ sisters/ babysitters of walkers? And sniff... she had her 1st haircut last week, well, I guess it was really just a bang trim. Her lil' lock is safely tucked away in her baby book. 

Last week I took her in for a lump we noticed in her leg - come to find out she had a staph infection, poor baby! So on antibiotics she went, and we finished the last dose today. She loves taking medicine. She will lick the squirt thing clean and say "mmm, mmm." Strange. Very strange. I, for one, always spat it out - until  I got older anyways, and would then fold it into my napkin and dispose of it. Very bad. Thankfully when I took her in for her 9 month checkup (this week), the doctor said she was looking great! She has slimmed down a lot (is now a bit over 20 lbs.) and is about 29 in. tall. Tooth numero six is just about to pop through, and oh I wish it would! The poor girl doesn't handle teething well, and becomes a bear. A sweet bear... but nonetheless... 

Lil' Sprout is doing well, too! He/she is just as active as Chloe was (ha! not that she has slowed down!), so it wasn't easy to get clear ultrasound measurements, but we are looking at a due date of Dec. 22, 2010. (Please lil' one, don't go 11 days over like she did! Please....) We are so excited! It was so much fun to see the little hands waving and the feet kicking - and the tiny nose was just precious! God's handiwork is so incredible. :-D

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