Saturday, June 14

Chocolate Bean

So thankful to be almost 33 weeks along with our second little boy. :-) I haven't posted bump pics anywhere yet, maybe the next one will be with him in my arms! 

13 Weeks:

30 Weeks: 

Rome Wasn't Built in a Day...

But sometimes I wish our home and yard was. ;-) But the nice thing about planning it all out over 5+ years is you can take time to dream it all out! Here's a few pics of some of this year's flowers and projects so far:

My Mum's Day Rosebush:

I love our Peonies:

Potato experiment. These pics are several weeks old, the plants are huge now!:

The garden beds. The kids had fun building them with daddy! We experimented with starting our own Heirloom seeds this! And this is the year we get to paint the fence. Hopefully - white stain is already in the basement. Yay!!!!!:

Planted a lilac border:

Something I'm really happy (and amazed :-P) about is that the raspberries & blackberries we planted last year not only survived the winter (totally unexpected - I thought for sure everything was a goner!), but they came back SUPER prolific. The kids keep looking for fruit...won't be long! :-D

Here and there :-)