Friday, February 27

"The fact that I am a woman does not make me a different kind of Christian, but the fact that I am a Christian does make me a different kind of woman."
- Elisabeth Elliot

I found that quote online today and it caused me to think. Do I really think like a believer ought... (as in) not to simply believe what it right and true, but to have that as my initial reaction when situations come up, or when I'm thinking about how something is (or needs to be) to be done? Dwight and I attended a memorial service recently held in honor of one of our friend's Dad who has passed away. His children and friends spoke of many of the things in his life that impacted them for Christ. Many spoke of his love for the Word and filling his heart and life with it. I want to have a life like that... one that automatically turns to Scripture when I have questions, or joys, or anything! Even though my memory is so fickle and short.... I want to have God's Word deeply rooted in my life. *God, help me in that! May I spend the time necessary and not be distracted by common things!*

Today is Chapel Friday. :-) I love those because I get to go be with Dwight from 10:00 - Lunch hour while Focus has their monthly chapel. Each month there is a different speaker/ musician/ theme. Last month they were focusing on Right to Life, and so Selah did the music and Todd Smith (from the group) and his wife told about their little's ones life. They spoke of the impact she had even in the few hours she was alive, and showed a picture slideshow. I cried... and cried. (Dwight had a white shirt on and I was so worried that I was going to see black streaks running down the front of it from my mascara! And he had meetings that afternoon, too!! Eeks. Thankfully, the mascara stayed put. Good stuff.) They were so sweet as they talked about her and their love for her and their other children! Today I think it is Dr. Albert Mohler, Jr. speaking and I have no idea what the message will be about. :-)

Off I go... !

Monday, February 9

This Morning ...

... I did nothing. Well okay, I did get up for breakfast with Dwight, and got online for a bit, but the rest of the morning was spent in bed. Bible in bed, called my family while in bed, worked on our wedding album in bed, slept (um, yeah, in bed), etc. So I finally took my shower at noon... and had just gotten out when I heard the apt. door open and shut. Dwight surprised me by coming home over his lunch break. :-) I love it when he does that!

So yup, the proof of my laziness/ sleepiness was *in the pudding*, or in the towel around me, or in the dishes piled in the sink, disheveled bed, etc. He's a sweetie and didn't mind though... I think he was rather humored.

So yup. There you have it. My confession for the day. :-) Are you shocked?! ;-P

Tuesday, February 3

New toy :-)

I made a fun gift card purchase today- this indoor grill. :-) There are so many yummy things you can make with it!!! I'm making him hamburgers tonight (salad for me, please!), and have plans for making grilled Chicken Primavera, BLT panini, Rueben panini, and queasadillas in the next two weeks (yup, did shopping yesterday. I really don't like the smelly stores!). You can pretty much make any of those on the stove top, but this will use less oil, and be so much quicker, too! And the plates are removable, so it will be easy to wash. I was looking at waffle makers, too, because Dad made delicious waffles almost weekly..., but none of the plates the were removable, which is just yucky. The other night we had hummus and falafel with pita bread (you stuff lettuce and tomato in there, too and drizzle cucumber-yogurt dressing on top), it was really good and very easy to make, which is good because I hadn't the slightest clue what I was doing. I am sure I would have seen/ ate falafel in Turkey, but I just ate SO much over there, that it all kind of blends together (uh, memories, not food!). The fresh pistachio ice cream stands out, though. It was absolutely scrumptious. Ooooh, for a scoop now! And their ice cream is so funny - it stretches! Several inches! Kind of weird, but delicious.

There are so many recipes I wish I had... I need to just remember to email the people to ask for them! Julie's Black Forest cake, Micah's party pecans, Barak's doughnuts, Ruthann's cookies. Yummy.


... is going to be a great day! (quote attributed to Curr. Dev. a.m. meetings with Meghan J.)

They are calling for it to be in the mid-50's. Whoohoo! :-) So hopefully, I'll have energy to take a quick walk. That would be really nice. :-)

I've discovered a hard-to-come-by item here in Co. Springs. Okra. No one seems to carry it! *very sad face* How are you supposed to make fried okra if you can't find it to fry!? And they just don't understand... I heard at each store I checked the following line, "I believe we have it in the frozen isle. Would you like me to help you find it?" Thank you, but no. Gross.

Have a great day! Do somethings you enjoy. :-) I plan to...

* wear a cute apron while I do housework * take a nap * take a walk in the park nearby and enjoy the sunshine * call my family * write some letters to my Grandmas * create some valentines * listen to some fun music * wear pink * make some yummy cookies