Tuesday, February 3


... is going to be a great day! (quote attributed to Curr. Dev. a.m. meetings with Meghan J.)

They are calling for it to be in the mid-50's. Whoohoo! :-) So hopefully, I'll have energy to take a quick walk. That would be really nice. :-)

I've discovered a hard-to-come-by item here in Co. Springs. Okra. No one seems to carry it! *very sad face* How are you supposed to make fried okra if you can't find it to fry!? And they just don't understand... I heard at each store I checked the following line, "I believe we have it in the frozen isle. Would you like me to help you find it?" Thank you, but no. Gross.

Have a great day! Do somethings you enjoy. :-) I plan to...

* wear a cute apron while I do housework * take a nap * take a walk in the park nearby and enjoy the sunshine * call my family * write some letters to my Grandmas * create some valentines * listen to some fun music * wear pink * make some yummy cookies

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