Sunday, February 28

Miss Strawberry Shortcake - 5 Mo.

Snow, snow, snow!

  On Friday, Chloe and I went with Dwight to work so that we could attend chapel with him. We love the chance to be with him during the day and sometimes the speaker/ music is worthwhile. ;-) Friday was good as they were honoring Dr. and Mrs. Dobson for their work beginning FotF and saying good-bye to them as they begin their new ministry. And the Getty's were back!!!! We were out of town when they led worship in November, so I was quite happy about them being there. :-)

Since we had to have Dwight to work by 8:00, Chloe and I walked around until the doors opened for guests. She was quite intrigued by the slide (A-bend-a-go at Whit's End). Has to wait a few years until she's old enough, but then we will show her how it's done! :-) The fresh snow on Pikes Peak was beautiful. :-)

Thursday, February 18

Raving About Cloth Diapers

Okay. So be prepared for a weird post. This one is about why I love cloth diapers...
We are saving SOOOOOOOO much money. (Or at least we will by the time she is out of them) The extra o's there may be overkill, but it gets the point across. :-P Seriously though, this is my stash: I'm not for sure what the cost would be if I used regular ones, because I have no idea how many diapers she goes through in a day (Huggies Pure & Natural), but I'm thinking it would be more. She hates being dirty or wet and wants changed el pronto. An added savings benefit, too, is that aside from the 1 pink HP, and the 1 pink cover... it could all be used again for hopefully another baby, boy or girl! :-)  
     * 3 One-size BumGenuis Organic snap = $60 (amazing sale!)
     * 3 Haute Pocket One-Size snap = $36
     * lifetime supply of Dappi plastic pants (i.e., 2 pkgs. of 3 ea. in xs - large) = $24
     * 3 unknown newborn/ small covers = free
     * 3 Thirsties Duo covers (one size 1/ two size 2) = $33.75
     * Hanging bag for the dirty ones = $21
     * 30 Gerber prefolds = about $45
     * wipes from an old flannel sheet = free
     * pins (3 pkgs., so 12 pins) = $3
     * 3 hemp doublers = $9
#2. They smell so fresh and non-perfumy or plasticy. (edit: when clean)
#3. Colors!!! So many fun ones to choose from! 
#4. Makes her bottom fluffy. :-P I think it makes it easier to hold her!
#5. They say it helps prevent diaper rash... 
#6. Since you just re-wash them,  I don't really have to worry about quick runs to the store or running out. 
#7.  I don't have to picture them rotting in a landfill. Though obviously that isn't a huge one for us, since I do buy sposies for travel. Still, its a gross thought.  

More to be added to later... :-D

(Oh and if you are going to have a baby registry, people are more than happy to give towards building your stash! That is how we got a lot of ours and it was a generous and wonderful help for sure!)

Helpful hint: When baby is beside you on the bed, diaperless to air (helps prevent rash), DON'T wait as long as I just did... groan....

Tuesday, February 16

Et Cetera

So then, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you may do, do all for the honor and glory of God.
- I Corinthians 10:31

 Lately I've been doing a lot of thinking about things I'd like to change or work on in the coming year - personal goals/ideas, money-saving goals/ideas, house decor goals/ideas, health goals/ideas, parenting goals/ideas, etc. Nighttime walks attempting to put Chloe back to sleep are great for that. :-) (That is when I'm not grumbling about how I could be sleeping... really need to work on that one...) I think goals are worthwhile to have, and if like me, you are a list maker... well, then they are just plain ol' fun to put down on paper. :-D 
So I have these goals on the one hand, and then on the other hand, God has been speaking to me in the context of the above verse and others like it about my MOTIVES behind why I want to do them. The why do I do the things the way I do or want to do. 

Basically being sure that they are for these reasons: 
*honoring God by taking the best care of the resources he has entrusted us with (ourselves, our finances, our apartment, my health/energy, time, etc.)
*honoring Dwight and his provision for the family by not going after a way of living that exceeds our budget, even if it is ~good~ things (i.e., organic is great and all, but if it causes us to spend more on groceries than we have or ought to, then for ME it would be wrong... etc.)
*honoring my primary role and responsibilities as wife and mother
*fun/ something I'd enjoy
*et cetera

and not for these reasons: 
*pride: thinking that what we otherwise have isn't good enough for us
*pride: so that others will think I'm really healthy, or frugal, or creative, or on and on this list could go... :-P
*comparision: so and so is doing this, or has this, or uses this... etc.
*discontent: not seeing the provision we already have as enough, and seeking more for selfish reasons
*et cetera (I love that word :-P)

So anyways, this is just inklings of my midnight/ mid-day thoughts. Anything that God has been speaking to you about?

Saturday, February 13

What is love?

Love to me is (a certain someone)...

* going through a bag of messy (cloth) diapers in search of my wedding ring, and not minding having done all that even when the ring was found elsewhere.
* not minding my random bursts of tears, and hugging me as I nearly drown him, and listening to me talk about whatever is bothering me.
* being patient as I learn to keep the house and us, and not becoming upset when I turn his undershirts, etc. pink....  yet again...
* sleeping on the floor with me when I wanted to be closer to the bathroom when I was so sick, and then also sleeping on the floor when I was hugely pregnant and uncomfortable in bed.
* walking street-side when we take our jaunts (and other ways of showing me his desire to protect me).
* showing enjoyment in being a Dad to our girlie.

... and so much more. :-) He's pretty much amazing.

With Mama & Daddy