Wednesday, April 10

Ella is 1!

It is crazy to think that our munchkins are now 3, 2 & 1! Life with kids that close in age is wonderful and altogether insane. ;-)

Our home is a zoo sometimes! But I pray it is a happy one. ;-)

Ella's 1st birthday was April 1! It was fun dressing her up in the special birthday dress and taking pictures like we did the others. :-) She is such a sweetheart and her happy giggles make us laugh. She adores her big sister and brother and grins when daddy gets home. She loves to sing, explore outside, snuggle, and eat chalk. (blah.) Oh, and she looooves chocolate.


Chloe: "Mum, we are going to sit here and watch the flowers grow."

Zachary: "Yes mum! We is."