Wednesday, July 29

oops. A blonde moment in my life.

This past week I discovered something new. :-)

My fuel tank was getting to be past half empty, so on Monday I went to refill it (now please, keep in mind this is only the 2nd time since becoming a Mrs. that I have refilled my little Jeep's fuel, Dwight did it the other times it was low). So anyways, I went inside to pay cash at the register (note to self... try and remember to check which number you parked at... makes it easier should a pole be blocking the view to where your car is located) and then went back out to commence the filling. I took the nozzle off of the stand, punched the button for regular and then tried to put the small nozzle end into my car. It didn't fit. Seriously, I thought my car was broken. I tried to jam the nozzle in, and that didn't work either (thankfully). So there I was, looking at my car and looking at the nozzle. I began to try and remember if maybe the nozzle didn't actually go into the car. Perhaps you just filled the area with fuel and it dripped down??? Nah... that just didn't *seem* right.

Then I realized (um, after a minute or two, gulp) that I had grabbed the nozzle for diesel. My Jeep doesn't use diesel. Sheepishly I switched nozzles, put the correct one right in, fueled my car up, and went home, happy to realize that maybe my car was normal after all. :-)

I was so happy to learn that they make the nozzle larger for diesel! Could you imagine??? If they came the same size, I know I would have filled my poor Jeep up with that concoction. And that wouldn't have been good....

So, here's to reading the signs! ;-P

Tuesday, July 28

I love my Dwight. :-)

He is sweet to me in countless ways! I am thrilled that I am able to be his wife, and little wiggleworm will have him for his/her daddy. He is amazing, and more than perfect for me. God has surely heaped blessings on me through him! :-)

Yesterday he was so thoughtful, from the message on the chalkboard (that I didn't even see for 10+ hours, and it is above our kitchen sink...poor guy!), to the yummy cake he made for me, the hugs, and fun gifts. :-) Thank you honey!

It was a fun day. :-) I dressed up in my green dress and put on my green sandal/heels, and went to the mall to browse, and namely to see if the dept. stores had samples of some of the perfumes I like available to take home. :-) I admit it, I love *free stuff*. :-) Did some grocery shopping, too.

Did you know that you can get free food to celebrate your birthday, just by signing up for the restaurant's email list? I had lunch for free per Noodles & Company and Coldstones. :-) Yumminess. Tomorrow I'm going to go to Maggie Moo's and I don't know when I'll go to Baskin Robbins. Yeah, you could say I like ice cream. :-)

Drive Through History... these are really great to watch. I especially enjoy the parts about Turkey. :-) (Hehe... I had bought the same ones just last month for his birthday in Nov. Definitely something we both enjoy. :-D)

A beautiful vintage silver bracelet with a B monogram. I think it is so pretty. :-)

Friday, July 17

How deep the Father's love for us
How vast beyond all measure
That He should give His only Son
And make a wretch His treasure
How great the pain of searing loss
The Father turns His face away
As wounds which mar the Chosen One
Bring many sons to glory

Behold the man upon the cross
My sin upon His shoulders
Ashamed, I hear my mocking voice
Call out among the scoffers
It was my sin that held Him there
Until it was accomplished
His dying breath has brought me life
I know that it is finished

I will not boast in anything
No gifts, no power, no wisdom
But I will boast in Jesus Christ
His death and resurrection
Why should I gain from His reward
I cannot give an answer
But this I know with all my heart
His wounds have paid my ransom

Why should I gain from His reward
I cannot give an answer
But this I know with all my heart
His wounds have paid my ransom

Written by Stuart Townsend

Friday, July 10

Ants in the Kitchen - gasp!

I loathe bugs. Doesn't matter what size or kind. I dislike pretty much all of them. That is why I am thoroughly disgusted to find them crawling *all* over my kitchen floor. The "Consider the Ant" song is not exactly what first came to mind. Yuck. Double yuck. I've been using the soft scrub on them (hehe...), and just washed the floor last night, but I'm gonna go clean it again. Now. And maybe several times today. ("Dear Ants.... I'll show you!!") Let's see if a vinegar/ lemon/ baking soda mixture will help...


Wednesday, July 8

Ho Hum...

Had another appt. with my midwife yesterday, and all is good in the land of baby! :-) At 24 weeks I measured 24 cm. and now at 31 weeks I'm measuring 29 cm., but my weight gain has been on track and baby seems to be a good size, so she says that I'm just seeming to carry *small* since I'm tall and baby has plenty of room in my lengthy torso.

Baby is fond of the head-down position now, it is so much fun to actually be able to "name that bump!" I'm getting more and more excited about baby coming, yesterday I asked Dwight if for my b-day we could put up the crib, I can't wait! :-) But it is a little interesting buying a few outfits for him/her. I've stuck mainly to a few gender neutral things, but I did buy a cute navy/green polo romper and a pink/ green polo dress & pants set. They were on clearance and cute - maybe we will be able to use the *other gender* item if God gives us another baby someday. :-) I mean, if we have a girl, I may put the romper on her when we are around the house, but there is no way a bright pink dress is getting near a son! ;-D It will be fun to discover baby's gender at the birth, and I don't regret waiting, but sometimes it is really, really, really hard not knowing!

Thursday, July 2

30 Weeks :-)

Bed has been a wonderful friend lately! I just want to sleep, and do nothing. So I'm enjoying the option of being able to sleep while I can. :-) With the higher altitude and dryness, I'd been having up to 3 strong contractions some days w/ pelvic & back pressure, but thankfully drinking more water (up to about 80 oz. a day now, plus lots of juice and milk) and resting has made a huge difference! No contractions yesterday or today! I'm also really thankful that aside from one night, there hasn't been any swelling. On that one night, I had to move my rings... made me so sad! (I know... pathetic, right? I mean, I moved them one finger over.) I think I was just overly warm. And even though baby is a bit on the hairy side, this 3rd trimester has been heartburn-free. (Can't say that for the first two - I kept those papaya-peppermint chalk "tablets" near me at all times. The taste did grow on you... mainly because they made a huge difference!) It is just so amazing to have a little person growing and wiggling inside of me... I'm am so happy about our little one!

Bought a car seat today, too! :-) That makes me *really, really, really* happy. And y'all have been fantastic with offering helpful suggestions on the diapers. Thank you so very much!

Snapshots from recent life...

I have a *really* big sweet tooth. And Sunset had a recipe... It's basically a lemon butter cake w/ lemon curd filling and a meringue "frosting". This weekend I'm going to try their Peanut Butter Chocolate cake. Yummy. :-)

Sunflower Farmer's Market (a store here) has fruit for a really good price. So one week where I was feeling insanely energetic, our freezer got stuffed to the point of being hazardous. I like having cold fruit to snack or to make into something when it is so hot outside! (But yeah, that week was insane. I was inwardly freaking out... everything had to be clean - i.e. cleaned the pantry 5 times, ALL baby stuff HAD to be purchased & ready, etc. Dwight was great about reminding me that we still have *plenty* of time. Yup, at that time I had over 2 months. :-D

Started some seeds in egg shells. :-) Unfortunately, these didn't survive the hanging basket breaking and falling, but the okra, tomatoes, and peppers (next picture) have - so far!

... and my garage sale find. :-) Someday when we have a sofa (lol... room for it!), it will make a cute coffee table.

Met up with Peyton and Grace at Glen Eyrie one Saturday, and Peyton showed us around. The "Castle" is really pretty, and so are the outbuildings. The little house below is the schoolhouse (I think...), and you can see rock formations similar to to those at the Garden of the Gods (eeks, I really don't like that name...), which it neighbors. Actually, I think the "Kissing Camels" formation is in the background. Hum.