Thursday, July 2

30 Weeks :-)

Bed has been a wonderful friend lately! I just want to sleep, and do nothing. So I'm enjoying the option of being able to sleep while I can. :-) With the higher altitude and dryness, I'd been having up to 3 strong contractions some days w/ pelvic & back pressure, but thankfully drinking more water (up to about 80 oz. a day now, plus lots of juice and milk) and resting has made a huge difference! No contractions yesterday or today! I'm also really thankful that aside from one night, there hasn't been any swelling. On that one night, I had to move my rings... made me so sad! (I know... pathetic, right? I mean, I moved them one finger over.) I think I was just overly warm. And even though baby is a bit on the hairy side, this 3rd trimester has been heartburn-free. (Can't say that for the first two - I kept those papaya-peppermint chalk "tablets" near me at all times. The taste did grow on you... mainly because they made a huge difference!) It is just so amazing to have a little person growing and wiggling inside of me... I'm am so happy about our little one!

Bought a car seat today, too! :-) That makes me *really, really, really* happy. And y'all have been fantastic with offering helpful suggestions on the diapers. Thank you so very much!

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