Tuesday, November 11

Are there any other book addicts out there???

...or are there others as crazy as I? I have boxes of them! Where in the world am I going to put them?

Packing is taking much longer than I ever thought it would. But it is for a good cause, so I'm still happy about it! ;-)

Monday, November 10

10 more days... :-D

until I see Dwight again! I'm so excited... I haven't seen him since he proposed over Labor day, and I'll be meeting his family for the first time, too. I'm a bit nervous - I suppose its normal to wonder "are they gonna like me???" It seems so hard to believe all that has come about in the past year... it will have been 11 months to the day (when we get married) since Dwight first asked me for Dad's number or even approached getting to know me better. Whew! Alot sure has happened since then - officially a couple in July, engaged the end of August, married in Nov.!

Dwight is an amazing man, and I can't wait to be his wife! Right now we are studying Eph. 5 and how it relates to our relationship. Sometimes it can be awkward to discuss over the phone simply because I can't see his facial expressions (like he can't always tell if I'm joking or not because he can't see me grinning!), but I'm so grateful that we can talk on the phone. If this were last century, we'd have writers cramp for sure! :-) I feel so clueless about how to be a good wife to him... but he is incredibly patient, and it will be wonderful to learn with him!

And oh... I think I perhaps may have come up with a solution for a "for now" headboard! I guess I'll have to see how it works, but I have this HUGE wooden sign from Pottery Barn that says "Rooms for Rent, Inquire Within" that I bought last year. (Okay... I saw it and being in charge of student housing at the IBLP headquarters, I felt like I was losing my mind sometimes trying to keep track of people's coming and goings, where exactly I had placed them, etc. The wording totally cracked me up - to the point of tears, it was really sad!- and I just wanted it so badly. But the price was absolutely outrageous. I couldn't pay it for a couple of 2x4s that had been nailed together and painted! So I prayed about it (seems a bit silly, but nothing is ever to small to talk to the Lord about!), that if it was something He wanted me to have, that it would come down to below a certain price. It was a couple of months later that I was checking out the clearance page and saw it listed there - and under the price I had mentioned! I was SO excited... hehe!) But anyways... I was thinking I could perhaps hang it about where the upper part of the headboard might be, and use really large pillows up against the wall for cushion, and then we would just need to purchase a metal frame to get the mattresses off of the floor. I have a really difficult time imagining things sometimes... but I suppose we can give it a try! Any ideas from those of you who have "budget decorated" before???

Sunday, November 9

I love you Lord...

This song came to mind today. I wish that this was that thought I could always rest upon... not how is the wedding going to come about, how will the dollars stretch, etc., but simply on I love you Lord.

I love you, Lord, and I lift my voice
To worship you, O my soul, rejoice!
Take joy, my King, in what you hear:
May it be a sweet, sweet sound in your ear.

I love You, Lord, and I stand amazed;
My sins are gone! May Your name be praised!
Exult, my soul! And behold His face;
I will ever sing, O my King, of Your grace.

I love You, Lord, and for You I wait:
Your promises and Your power are great!
Make haste, my God, may I taste Your ways;
I will magnify Your sweet peace all of my days.

Wednesday, November 5

USA and politics...

It seems everyone is posting about the election. I for one am choosing not to be upset. I am choosing to see the Sovereign hand of God, knowing that he knew how the votes would fall. Am I excited about the future president? Not exactly. I am steadfastly pro-life (at all stages), pro-traditional marriage, and anti-socialist. I have spent time in various countries overseas and am grateful for the freedoms we Americans possess.

But he is the man who won. We are called to honor him. And I am excited... we believers are being handed a huge opportunity to let our faith shine brighter as times are shaky. We serve, love, and have been redeemed by a God who is completely in control! I am excited to see what God will do in the coming years, and am reminded of the importance to pray. No heart is outside of the changing blood of Christ. And I am so grateful for the way the Lord has changed me... can he not reach the life of government? I believe He can!!!

Sure. Times may become hard. But that doesn't minimize the power of God. And honestly... when you think about what so many billions of believers have faced over the centuries... I feel as if I have no right to EVER become depressed or complain. I am so blessed. Our nation continues to be blessed... and it is only by the grace of our Lord.

Tuesday, November 4

Part two: Our bedroom

I'm still trying to figure out exactly how the room is going to look. :-] I have a white blanket set, and then a down duvet with the Pottery Barn Porcelain Blue Classic Stripe cover - so cozy! I'm trying to add splashes of color so I have 3 of the Yellow Stripe Pillows, and then I found the cutest Pink ruffle pillowcase at Land of Nod. It is darling - but I'm really trying to avoid making the room "too girly", because it is ours. And I'm wondering if I'm really being all that successful in that attempt. I guess I'll know once it is all together!

Dwight found an amazing mattress deal at Big Lots, but I'm really stumped on what to do for a headboard - thinking of seeing if I can find an old door/ window/ shutter and make something up. Dresser shopping will commence in Colorado Springs... yeah ! for antique stores! , but we do have a bedside table! :-) Hehe, its another "roadside special". We are so cheap. ;-) We had this little ceramic lamp sitting in our storage room at my home, but I didn't like the color - so we spray painted it, added a little Shabby Chic shade from Target, and oohlala. :-)

We are pretty much set to go - just would like to get the bed frame, figure out a headboard, get a dresser and buy a sofa for the family room. So close! :-) Definitely not needs - we'll be together and that's all that matters, but someday! It will be fun to scout for deals. :-)

I can't wait to see our apt. One time when we were on the phone, Dwight kind of did a walk-through with me, and I drew out what I thought he was describing. It will be fun to see how *close* I was!

Monday, November 3

Getting ready to set up house - Part One: the Kitchen

Thinking about how I'm going to decorate our home is so much fun. :-) I love stuff that is a mixture of vintage/ cottage/ classic. I love to have fun surprises popping up here and there. Here are a couple of fun treasures that are in the plan:

This is a tablecloth that I fell in love with at Anthropologie. :-) So I began to think of ways that I could cut it up. :-) Yeah, crazy!!! We had found a beautiful antique table out by the roadside that, after being stripped of its minty peeling paint and stained a honey brown, is perfect, and there are two chairs (also courtesy of roadside!), that we (my Dad is an amazing Mr. Handyman - and he loves me so much!) painted black. They had this disgusting rotted caning, but that is what pocketknives are for. So Dad made up new seats, and we cut 2 squares out of the fabric to create covers. I have plenty of fabric left over, so I can make some matching curtains, or a quilt/ runner or something.

I collect green jadite and pink depression glass pieces... and wish there was a picture of the pink candy dish my mom gave me! It is a beautiful pink, with pears at the bottom. It was given/passed on to my great-grandma sometime in the 1940's or so and she gave it to my mom as a wedding gift. Mom was so sweet to continue the tradition! So, I'm not quite sure where they will go. I'd like to find a Hoosier cabinet. My Dad found one (yup, roadside!), but it needs tons of work!

Yesterday my family and church threw a shower for me, and were so generous! I have a wonderful red retro clock now to grace my wall and prevent me from burning the cookies, a cute red hand mixer (I have had the KitchenAid Professional 600 for a couple years now and LOVE it., so I requested some of the other appliances they carry), wonderful Calphalon stainless-steel panset, Oneida Flatware, and the white dishes I love (I have a pic on a previous post), and so much more to help keep Dwight happy and fed. :-) I can't wait to be a homemaker. :-)