Monday, November 3

Getting ready to set up house - Part One: the Kitchen

Thinking about how I'm going to decorate our home is so much fun. :-) I love stuff that is a mixture of vintage/ cottage/ classic. I love to have fun surprises popping up here and there. Here are a couple of fun treasures that are in the plan:

This is a tablecloth that I fell in love with at Anthropologie. :-) So I began to think of ways that I could cut it up. :-) Yeah, crazy!!! We had found a beautiful antique table out by the roadside that, after being stripped of its minty peeling paint and stained a honey brown, is perfect, and there are two chairs (also courtesy of roadside!), that we (my Dad is an amazing Mr. Handyman - and he loves me so much!) painted black. They had this disgusting rotted caning, but that is what pocketknives are for. So Dad made up new seats, and we cut 2 squares out of the fabric to create covers. I have plenty of fabric left over, so I can make some matching curtains, or a quilt/ runner or something.

I collect green jadite and pink depression glass pieces... and wish there was a picture of the pink candy dish my mom gave me! It is a beautiful pink, with pears at the bottom. It was given/passed on to my great-grandma sometime in the 1940's or so and she gave it to my mom as a wedding gift. Mom was so sweet to continue the tradition! So, I'm not quite sure where they will go. I'd like to find a Hoosier cabinet. My Dad found one (yup, roadside!), but it needs tons of work!

Yesterday my family and church threw a shower for me, and were so generous! I have a wonderful red retro clock now to grace my wall and prevent me from burning the cookies, a cute red hand mixer (I have had the KitchenAid Professional 600 for a couple years now and LOVE it., so I requested some of the other appliances they carry), wonderful Calphalon stainless-steel panset, Oneida Flatware, and the white dishes I love (I have a pic on a previous post), and so much more to help keep Dwight happy and fed. :-) I can't wait to be a homemaker. :-)

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