Wednesday, November 5

USA and politics...

It seems everyone is posting about the election. I for one am choosing not to be upset. I am choosing to see the Sovereign hand of God, knowing that he knew how the votes would fall. Am I excited about the future president? Not exactly. I am steadfastly pro-life (at all stages), pro-traditional marriage, and anti-socialist. I have spent time in various countries overseas and am grateful for the freedoms we Americans possess.

But he is the man who won. We are called to honor him. And I am excited... we believers are being handed a huge opportunity to let our faith shine brighter as times are shaky. We serve, love, and have been redeemed by a God who is completely in control! I am excited to see what God will do in the coming years, and am reminded of the importance to pray. No heart is outside of the changing blood of Christ. And I am so grateful for the way the Lord has changed me... can he not reach the life of government? I believe He can!!!

Sure. Times may become hard. But that doesn't minimize the power of God. And honestly... when you think about what so many billions of believers have faced over the centuries... I feel as if I have no right to EVER become depressed or complain. I am so blessed. Our nation continues to be blessed... and it is only by the grace of our Lord.

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