Tuesday, November 4

Part two: Our bedroom

I'm still trying to figure out exactly how the room is going to look. :-] I have a white blanket set, and then a down duvet with the Pottery Barn Porcelain Blue Classic Stripe cover - so cozy! I'm trying to add splashes of color so I have 3 of the Yellow Stripe Pillows, and then I found the cutest Pink ruffle pillowcase at Land of Nod. It is darling - but I'm really trying to avoid making the room "too girly", because it is ours. And I'm wondering if I'm really being all that successful in that attempt. I guess I'll know once it is all together!

Dwight found an amazing mattress deal at Big Lots, but I'm really stumped on what to do for a headboard - thinking of seeing if I can find an old door/ window/ shutter and make something up. Dresser shopping will commence in Colorado Springs... yeah ! for antique stores! , but we do have a bedside table! :-) Hehe, its another "roadside special". We are so cheap. ;-) We had this little ceramic lamp sitting in our storage room at my home, but I didn't like the color - so we spray painted it, added a little Shabby Chic shade from Target, and oohlala. :-)

We are pretty much set to go - just would like to get the bed frame, figure out a headboard, get a dresser and buy a sofa for the family room. So close! :-) Definitely not needs - we'll be together and that's all that matters, but someday! It will be fun to scout for deals. :-)

I can't wait to see our apt. One time when we were on the phone, Dwight kind of did a walk-through with me, and I drew out what I thought he was describing. It will be fun to see how *close* I was!

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