Thursday, December 18

Our home. :-)

Our apt. is on the other side of the building than is pictured, but it gives the general idea! Aren't the mountains pretty? This park is behind the apt. building, past the parking area.

It's Christmastime!

There is a glimpse of holiday stuff at the Bailey house! Some of it is traditional, like the houses that Mom used to put out when I was little... (there was a 3rd... but yeah... it was unintentionally demolished. oops. So she passed on the remaining two.) There are pics on the tree (Hi Henry and Sam!), fun Christmas books underneath, etc. The chalkboard is over our kitchen sink, Dwight added the really to it when the temp got down to -6. ouch. Brrr... .
Oh! and can you find the pickle??? ;-)

Friday, December 12

I love my family!

Our Wedding Day - Pics #1

Here are some pictures from our wedding! It was wonderful to see everyone that was able to come into town. It was amazing to see how eager so many were to just jump in and help out in whatever way they could. We have some amazingly talented friends and family members! If you need a designer, photographer, caterer, florist, etc. let me know!

And yuppers. :-) Married life is wonderful. Especially to Dwight! ;-)

Photos courtesy of Evy Fredrickson. She is good. :-)