Wednesday, July 8

Ho Hum...

Had another appt. with my midwife yesterday, and all is good in the land of baby! :-) At 24 weeks I measured 24 cm. and now at 31 weeks I'm measuring 29 cm., but my weight gain has been on track and baby seems to be a good size, so she says that I'm just seeming to carry *small* since I'm tall and baby has plenty of room in my lengthy torso.

Baby is fond of the head-down position now, it is so much fun to actually be able to "name that bump!" I'm getting more and more excited about baby coming, yesterday I asked Dwight if for my b-day we could put up the crib, I can't wait! :-) But it is a little interesting buying a few outfits for him/her. I've stuck mainly to a few gender neutral things, but I did buy a cute navy/green polo romper and a pink/ green polo dress & pants set. They were on clearance and cute - maybe we will be able to use the *other gender* item if God gives us another baby someday. :-) I mean, if we have a girl, I may put the romper on her when we are around the house, but there is no way a bright pink dress is getting near a son! ;-D It will be fun to discover baby's gender at the birth, and I don't regret waiting, but sometimes it is really, really, really hard not knowing!