Tuesday, July 28

I love my Dwight. :-)

He is sweet to me in countless ways! I am thrilled that I am able to be his wife, and little wiggleworm will have him for his/her daddy. He is amazing, and more than perfect for me. God has surely heaped blessings on me through him! :-)

Yesterday he was so thoughtful, from the message on the chalkboard (that I didn't even see for 10+ hours, and it is above our kitchen sink...poor guy!), to the yummy cake he made for me, the hugs, and fun gifts. :-) Thank you honey!

It was a fun day. :-) I dressed up in my green dress and put on my green sandal/heels, and went to the mall to browse, and namely to see if the dept. stores had samples of some of the perfumes I like available to take home. :-) I admit it, I love *free stuff*. :-) Did some grocery shopping, too.

Did you know that you can get free food to celebrate your birthday, just by signing up for the restaurant's email list? I had lunch for free per Noodles & Company and Coldstones. :-) Yumminess. Tomorrow I'm going to go to Maggie Moo's and I don't know when I'll go to Baskin Robbins. Yeah, you could say I like ice cream. :-)

Drive Through History... these are really great to watch. I especially enjoy the parts about Turkey. :-) (Hehe... I had bought the same ones just last month for his birthday in Nov. Definitely something we both enjoy. :-D)

A beautiful vintage silver bracelet with a B monogram. I think it is so pretty. :-)

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