Wednesday, July 29

oops. A blonde moment in my life.

This past week I discovered something new. :-)

My fuel tank was getting to be past half empty, so on Monday I went to refill it (now please, keep in mind this is only the 2nd time since becoming a Mrs. that I have refilled my little Jeep's fuel, Dwight did it the other times it was low). So anyways, I went inside to pay cash at the register (note to self... try and remember to check which number you parked at... makes it easier should a pole be blocking the view to where your car is located) and then went back out to commence the filling. I took the nozzle off of the stand, punched the button for regular and then tried to put the small nozzle end into my car. It didn't fit. Seriously, I thought my car was broken. I tried to jam the nozzle in, and that didn't work either (thankfully). So there I was, looking at my car and looking at the nozzle. I began to try and remember if maybe the nozzle didn't actually go into the car. Perhaps you just filled the area with fuel and it dripped down??? Nah... that just didn't *seem* right.

Then I realized (um, after a minute or two, gulp) that I had grabbed the nozzle for diesel. My Jeep doesn't use diesel. Sheepishly I switched nozzles, put the correct one right in, fueled my car up, and went home, happy to realize that maybe my car was normal after all. :-)

I was so happy to learn that they make the nozzle larger for diesel! Could you imagine??? If they came the same size, I know I would have filled my poor Jeep up with that concoction. And that wouldn't have been good....

So, here's to reading the signs! ;-P

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