Wednesday, August 19

Lil' Wiggleworm

Today marks 37 weeks and our little baby is happy, healthy, and wiggly (though the wiggles are slightly impaired due to a fully engaged head). :-) We are so grateful, God has blessed us far beyond what we deserve, and we treasure this little one so much and pray that he/she will grow to love the Lord with all their heart and live for Him their whole life!

I wondered if I had dropped 2 weeks ago, because one day my pants didn't fit right and certain tops did! (My ribcage had expanded a little under 3 inches, thankfully it went back to normal!) So maybe it happened then, we just know baby has dropped sometime recently. I still can't tell by looking at myself, but my nurse and my midwife could tell (2 weeks ago, she was out of town, so I saw the OB). So, I'm happy and uncomfortable, all rolled up into one waddling gal. :-) I sleep best on the floor (I'm weird), but Dwight has been so sweet - we just spread out the sleeping bag and camp out in the living room! It is just hard to believe the due date is only 3 weeks away.

It has been fun getting ready - baby's bed and layette are all ready to go! (We do need to move the carseat from the living room into the car, though.) It is so nice to see the little stacks of clean clothes and diapers. I like to go through them over, and over, and over. :-) Friends have been so generous to us, and God has been so faithful in providing. The ARC thrift store here has clothing half-off on Saturdays, and when Dwight took me this past weekend, they had all kids clothes for $0.99. I like that! And then there is another children's resale shop (Children's Orchard), that offers you $5 credit just for signing up for their mailing list. So, after doing that :-), I went to check them out. I found some really cute things... though it will be fun to finally find out our baby's gender, so that I can get some actual boy/girl clothes! They had a like new Hanna Anderson (a store in Oak Brook that I would drool over) one-piece for $2. I snatched that one up! It is so soft and pretty. It looks like you get $5 for referring someone (and then they would get $5 for signing up), so I've already warned my sister and mom as to what to expect when they come visit. I'm so cheap.

One thing about being pregnant is you feel like a walking apothecary (when I remember to take the vitamins- which is most days). Between prenatals, the Omega-3/ DHA (Love the Expecta, it is made with no fishy whatsoever! Very exciting.), the Emergen-C, the occasional papaya enzyme, Mama's 3rd trimester tea, and now primrose oil, it is like "eeks!" I guess it all depends on what you are used to, and this is unusual for me. :-) And my ginger compress mixture (for labor) is now cooling. I'm supposed to bring it with a crock-pot to the hospital when I'm in labor. Have to admit, a *crock-pot* wasn't exactly on my list to bring prior to my appointment this morning! ;-D I guess the hospitals being so friendly towards typically home-birth things is a perk for living in a "crunchy-granola type" town.

You Mama's out there, wanna be Mama's, older sisters, faithful babysitters, etc.... what is your essential baby item, especially for the first month or so?


justagirl4god said...

Speaking as a wanna-be-mama, older-sister-to-seven, and babysitter-of-the-seven, I would have to say blankets! They are great for helping to settle little ones for sleep, keep them snug and warm and cosy, and can substitute clothing in a nappy disaster! :)
God bless you and your little one!

Smilin_Kate said...

Hahaha... "Crunchy-granola" sort of town. I love it. :) Your posts always make me laugh Sistra. I love them, and I love YOU! I can't wait to get the call from you any day now. . . that lil' Bailey is coming to greet you. <3

Jason and Nicole Kumpolt said...

Speaking as a new mama of a 11 week baby girl, here are a few things that I have found helpful.
1. Large receiving blankets. I made a few of my own and they worked SO much better than the store bought ones, as they swaddle Lydia much easier. The store bought ones are too small once the baby gets a bit bigger, and start moving their legs more.
2. Oval - Drug stores carry this, and it is wonderful for when the Baby has gas, bubbles, etc. It's made from peppermint and really is calming for the baby. (Especially if you've eaten something like cabbage, broccoli, etc.)


Elizabeth Anne said...

Good advice! I'm happy that I already do have several large blankets that were given to us for baby - I've curled up with them and taken naps. :-) That is funny about using them for substitute clothing, it would definitely work, and no one would be the wiser! ;-)
I'm going to look up Oval... I've never even heard of it! Hopefully it isn't one of those wonderful Canadian things that the US either never had, or has ceased to carry...

Stephanie (Clayton) Breznau said...

The Kiddopotamus swaddler. Nothing quite like it! It helped Hudson sleep through the night. :-)