Friday, August 21

Weepiness :-P

Is it just me, or did anyone else out there go through a weepy phase as labor approached? Or even throughout their pregnancy? It is funny and pathetic, I can just start crying over nothing (well, okay, I feel a tad stupid so I bottle it up, and then it becomes more like a l-o-n-g *sob on poor Dwight* session), am ultra sensitive, and feel completely overwhelmed about the prospect of caring for our little cute baby. :-) And the birth... well, that is another thing all together, even though I realize that women have been giving birth since the beginning of creation! So I know it is silly... but did anyone else out there turn into a geyser? I need to fill my mind with more of God's Word; my self-thoughts are so crazily unpredictable!


Jason and Nicole Kumpolt said...

Oh yes, I totally understand the weepiness. It's honestly a traumatic time in a womans life. Good, but traumatic! Our bodies change, hormones rage, and everything seems so overwhelming. I totally remember feeling scared and not sure if I'd be able to actually care for a newborn, but really, the mothering instincts will kick in automatically and you will be amazed at how much will just come to you and God will give you wisdom, ideas, and creativity in caring for your sweet little one. Be forewarned though, the hormones will continue to be out of sinc even after Baby arrives. There is a "let down" feeling after all the anticipation. You'll be operating on lack of sleep too. It's better to let it out though, and keep crying on Dwight's shoulder! Its OK!!!! Life will be completely different...but it's amazing how quickly you will feel like it was never anything else. Spend lots of time talking to your hubby and share with each other what you're both feeling.

Labour is tough....but the intense joy that comes when you'll hold that little wiggleworm in your arms will be unbelieveable. We still talk about Lydia's arrival and are blown away with how special that whole time of labour and delivery was. I wrote out a bunch of verses on a little coil notebook ...all ones about the strength that God gives, and His love, and then when things got pretty tough, Jason read/quoted those with me. It was a good way to keep my mind focused, and also to keep me from holding my breath, as I tried to quote them with him.

Anyway, the Lord bless and encourage you today. Go and look through those baby clothes again
(I did the same thing)and take comfort in the fact that the Lord is walking right beside you and understands all your ups and downs right now.

:-) Nicole

Elizabeth Anne said...

Thank you *so much* Nicole! :-) You have really encouraged me, now I'm going to go compile those verses - for now, for labor, and postpartum. My little wiggleworm is worth it all, just as your beautiful Lydia is. :-)

Stephanie (Clayton) Breznau said...

Yep this was me too, although the weepiness just got worse in post partum. Hormones are so fun, right? :-P