Thursday, July 2

Snapshots from recent life...

I have a *really* big sweet tooth. And Sunset had a recipe... It's basically a lemon butter cake w/ lemon curd filling and a meringue "frosting". This weekend I'm going to try their Peanut Butter Chocolate cake. Yummy. :-)

Sunflower Farmer's Market (a store here) has fruit for a really good price. So one week where I was feeling insanely energetic, our freezer got stuffed to the point of being hazardous. I like having cold fruit to snack or to make into something when it is so hot outside! (But yeah, that week was insane. I was inwardly freaking out... everything had to be clean - i.e. cleaned the pantry 5 times, ALL baby stuff HAD to be purchased & ready, etc. Dwight was great about reminding me that we still have *plenty* of time. Yup, at that time I had over 2 months. :-D

Started some seeds in egg shells. :-) Unfortunately, these didn't survive the hanging basket breaking and falling, but the okra, tomatoes, and peppers (next picture) have - so far!

... and my garage sale find. :-) Someday when we have a sofa (lol... room for it!), it will make a cute coffee table.

Met up with Peyton and Grace at Glen Eyrie one Saturday, and Peyton showed us around. The "Castle" is really pretty, and so are the outbuildings. The little house below is the schoolhouse (I think...), and you can see rock formations similar to to those at the Garden of the Gods (eeks, I really don't like that name...), which it neighbors. Actually, I think the "Kissing Camels" formation is in the background. Hum.

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Elizabeth Anne said...

Oh brother, I don't know what I was thinking! The rock formations do look like camels, but they certainly aren't kissing. :-P