Tuesday, June 23

Random Nothings...

1. Soft Scrub (the spray kind), kills ants immediately upon contact. Incredible, but scary. I mean - Dwight and I clean with that stuff. Eeks.

2. 15 passenger vans with luggage racks set atop them actually look kind of suave and adventurous (it's all about perspective). There is a family at our church with one like that, and I am renewed in my amazement each time I see it. I mean, honestly, I may have totally clued out, but I don't ever remember seeing one like that before. And I have seen quite a few large vans in the last ten years.

3. Sonic's Happy Hour 1/2 price drinks are amazing. Try the medium cherry limeaid without ice. Marvelous. :-D (I think it is $0.88) - plus Sonics is fun. They rollerblade your drink to you!

4. Lots of really amazing places offer free food for your birthday. Noodles & Company, Maggie Moo's and Coldstones, just to name a few.... yummy. You just have to sign up for their mailing list!

5. Next time I'm faced with the possibility of not having enough work in the day to keep me thoroughly busy, I'm going to thank the Lord for His grace on my life and *enjoy* it. If I had done that back in 2007 (rather than adding 2 other jobs at HQ into my task list), I'd have been done with WBLA long before now. Argh. What was I thinking. Now I just want to get it finished before baby comes! Yeah, I should be working on it instead of writing this.

6. Someday I want to have a Yellow Lab, name her Penelope, and buy her a pink collar. Yup. I'm beginning to view German Shepherds in a fonder light (per Dwight), but Dobermans... I just can't do it (sorry honey!). So, maybe we will have a GS and a Lab... my Lab can teach the Shepherd to be sweet, and the Shepherd can teach my Lab how to settle down and behave.
*To Doberman fans out there, I'm sorry. I had an encounter with one chasing me when I was 5. I was small, it was big, and the front door to our house was locked. I thought I was going to die. :-P

7. Pikes Peak still has snow on it's cap. How's that for random? :-P No seriously, it is strange to be out in the sunshine (roasting), and to see snow off in the distance. You should try it sometime. ;-)

p.s. I have my 3rd Ultrasound this afternoon and Dwight will be coming with me! I'm so excited - I seeing little wiggleworm! He/she is just so cute and precious...

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Jessica Shae said...

I HEARTILY agree with #3 :) I love Sonic happy hour, it's the best!