Monday, June 22

Help!!! (i.e. cloth diaper Q)

Okay, so we know that we want to do cloth diapers, and I'm thinking that I'll do a mix of prefolds & covers/ BumGenius one-size AIO. But I feel lost... anyone out there do cloth/ know someone who does cloth (recently, I mean, most of our generation was clothed as babies)? I've been browsing google and I feel like I've been dropped into the middle of the Amazon. Or Sahara. Take your pick.

I don't mind doing the Gerber covers occasionally ('cause they are so cheap), but I don't really like them. Anyone familiar with the Blueberry one-size coveralls? What covers would you recommend? And is it worth it to pay the extra for the snap BumGenius? The price makes me choke, but they might last longer (???). :-P

And what detergent is good to use? My mom always used Dreft, but some sites say that it shouldn't be used on cloth. And I tend to have really sensitive skin anyways, so if another brand came in bulk size and could be used by all of us, I'd be happy. :-)

Thanks, y'all! :-)


MelodyJoy said...

I know a young mother of four at our church who uses cloth diapers. She actually sews them herself--and they look REALLY nice. If I remember, I'll ask her if she has a pattern for them and get back to you about it.

Glad to hear that you're doing well. Love you!

Elizabeth Anne said...

Aw, thanks Melody! :-) Jules and Shelby - thank you for your input, too!

Mama Ant said...

Go to , they have the best information! Join the forums and you will find so much great information and some good buys on excellent used condition diapers!

Personally, I love the pocket diapers. But I also like the fleece covers with a fitted diaper inside it. Wool covers would have to be my third choice.

(I am Brittany A. Vawser's mom! case you are wondering. I got your link off her blog.)

Congrats on the baby!!!