Saturday, February 13

What is love?

Love to me is (a certain someone)...

* going through a bag of messy (cloth) diapers in search of my wedding ring, and not minding having done all that even when the ring was found elsewhere.
* not minding my random bursts of tears, and hugging me as I nearly drown him, and listening to me talk about whatever is bothering me.
* being patient as I learn to keep the house and us, and not becoming upset when I turn his undershirts, etc. pink....  yet again...
* sleeping on the floor with me when I wanted to be closer to the bathroom when I was so sick, and then also sleeping on the floor when I was hugely pregnant and uncomfortable in bed.
* walking street-side when we take our jaunts (and other ways of showing me his desire to protect me).
* showing enjoyment in being a Dad to our girlie.

... and so much more. :-) He's pretty much amazing.


Amber said...

I love your layout! How did you change the font of your titles?! I think that is adorable! :)

Elizabeth Bailey said...

Thanks, Amber! I found the tutorial for the fonts here:

It takes a bit of time but it isn't hard and I'm about as dysfunctional as can be when it comes to computers. :-)

Thanks for being so open on your blog about what God is teaching you/ leading you through. I love how the internet "introduces" people who otherwise would never "meet!"