Thursday, February 18

Raving About Cloth Diapers

Okay. So be prepared for a weird post. This one is about why I love cloth diapers...
We are saving SOOOOOOOO much money. (Or at least we will by the time she is out of them) The extra o's there may be overkill, but it gets the point across. :-P Seriously though, this is my stash: I'm not for sure what the cost would be if I used regular ones, because I have no idea how many diapers she goes through in a day (Huggies Pure & Natural), but I'm thinking it would be more. She hates being dirty or wet and wants changed el pronto. An added savings benefit, too, is that aside from the 1 pink HP, and the 1 pink cover... it could all be used again for hopefully another baby, boy or girl! :-)  
     * 3 One-size BumGenuis Organic snap = $60 (amazing sale!)
     * 3 Haute Pocket One-Size snap = $36
     * lifetime supply of Dappi plastic pants (i.e., 2 pkgs. of 3 ea. in xs - large) = $24
     * 3 unknown newborn/ small covers = free
     * 3 Thirsties Duo covers (one size 1/ two size 2) = $33.75
     * Hanging bag for the dirty ones = $21
     * 30 Gerber prefolds = about $45
     * wipes from an old flannel sheet = free
     * pins (3 pkgs., so 12 pins) = $3
     * 3 hemp doublers = $9
#2. They smell so fresh and non-perfumy or plasticy. (edit: when clean)
#3. Colors!!! So many fun ones to choose from! 
#4. Makes her bottom fluffy. :-P I think it makes it easier to hold her!
#5. They say it helps prevent diaper rash... 
#6. Since you just re-wash them,  I don't really have to worry about quick runs to the store or running out. 
#7.  I don't have to picture them rotting in a landfill. Though obviously that isn't a huge one for us, since I do buy sposies for travel. Still, its a gross thought.  

More to be added to later... :-D

(Oh and if you are going to have a baby registry, people are more than happy to give towards building your stash! That is how we got a lot of ours and it was a generous and wonderful help for sure!)

Helpful hint: When baby is beside you on the bed, diaperless to air (helps prevent rash), DON'T wait as long as I just did... groan....


Bethany Horsman said...

I hear you Beth! We decided to use cloth diapers for our Emma once we realized how unhealthy the disposable ones are (although I also use the Huggies Pure and Natural when traveling) and also saw how much we could save. The lady at the Maine Diaper Company told us that it costs approximately $600 to totally diaper your baby in cloth, whereas you will spend $2,000-$3,000 in disposables! That sold us :-) and it is really not nearly as much work as I thought it would be.

Elizabeth Bailey said...

Are there any particular diapers that you really like using with Emma? One of these days I'd like to try the new Flip ones by BumGenius, but we'll see. :-) I've heard people say that they use theirs as a cover, with a trifolded prefold inside, which would work great for us!
And I'd agree, they really aren't that much work at all. Just a matter of holding your breath for a second (sometimes) when dumping the bag into the washer. :-D

Bethany Horsman said...

Currently I am just using prefolds and the covers (I like the Thirsties covers the best. )

I would love to try the Mother-Ease fitted diapers in place of the prefolds, of course still using the cover.

I have a BumGenius pocket diaper and one Fuzzibuns, but I don't like how thick they are and personally just like using the old fashioned prefold and cover (although these new covers are so much nicer than the old rubber pants!)

As she gets bigger I may prefer the all-in-one diapers. I guess we will just have to wait and see. There are so many options!

Bethany Horsman said...

I just love these snappis too. They work great!