Tuesday, February 3

New toy :-)

I made a fun gift card purchase today- this indoor grill. :-) There are so many yummy things you can make with it!!! I'm making him hamburgers tonight (salad for me, please!), and have plans for making grilled Chicken Primavera, BLT panini, Rueben panini, and queasadillas in the next two weeks (yup, did shopping yesterday. I really don't like the smelly stores!). You can pretty much make any of those on the stove top, but this will use less oil, and be so much quicker, too! And the plates are removable, so it will be easy to wash. I was looking at waffle makers, too, because Dad made delicious waffles almost weekly..., but none of the plates the were removable, which is just yucky. The other night we had hummus and falafel with pita bread (you stuff lettuce and tomato in there, too and drizzle cucumber-yogurt dressing on top), it was really good and very easy to make, which is good because I hadn't the slightest clue what I was doing. I am sure I would have seen/ ate falafel in Turkey, but I just ate SO much over there, that it all kind of blends together (uh, memories, not food!). The fresh pistachio ice cream stands out, though. It was absolutely scrumptious. Ooooh, for a scoop now! And their ice cream is so funny - it stretches! Several inches! Kind of weird, but delicious.

There are so many recipes I wish I had... I need to just remember to email the people to ask for them! Julie's Black Forest cake, Micah's party pecans, Barak's doughnuts, Ruthann's cookies. Yummy.


prim.rose said...

So glad you are posting! =) Fun stuff... you have lots of great ideas for using your grill!

Here's the recipe! =)


Elizabeth Anne said...

Thank you! Yum. :-)