Wednesday, January 21

almost 2 months :-)

It seems hard to believe... I love you, honey!

This week we have a full house here! Some friends from Chicago have come out to job/house hunt so Mr. K and Hannah are here till Friday and they brought Katie along! :-D So, the K's are camped out in the living room, and Kate is on an air mattress in the kitchen. Fun, fun! ;-) So, Dwight and I have been having a sort of "breakfast in bed" so we don't disturb them all before he leaves for work, that has been rather interesting. ;-) I'm just so glad that we have the apt. so that people can come! I love my home and husband. :-)

Here are some more random favorites from the wedding... sorry they are so big! I Like the first one especially, it kind of reminds me of the nurse/ soldier kissing pic from WWII that Times published... in a small way... :-)

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