Saturday, June 26

BumGenuis Giveaway

I *love* the Bumgenius AIO Organic diaper - and it has snaps, too! [Very important with Chloe.] If I could, I would only diaper with it, it really is that great. :-) I have three that I've been using at night with Chloe, and we're getting more for Sprout, but hey, FREE would be marvelous! They are a bit on the pricey side, so this is a very generous giveaway. I love that they fit 7-35 lbs, you just adjust the snaps!

You can check out the giveaway (@the B Keeps Us Honest) right HERE. :-D


Stephanie B. said...

That is my brother in law's sister Jessica who runs that site! She does a great job too.

Elizabeth Bailey said...

Wow, what a small world! She does do a fantastic job, I really enjoy reading her reviews. I found her blog through another review website, and it has been a handy reference!