Monday, August 2

Pictures - Post 1

For the first day of our trip we headed up to Denver (a bit over an hour from home) where we went to a mall (hello, Anthropologie!), ate a scrumptious dinner at Maggiano's Little Italy (Bruchetta, Caesar Salad, Pesto Linguini, Parmesan Chicken and Creme Brulée), walked a bit on 16th St. Mall and stayed overnight downtown. Our hotel (The Magnolia Denver) was very generous to us, paying for our dinner and even upgraded us from a standard room to a Fireplace suite, just because! I was really surprised, but thankful for the space - though the suite was crazy big - larger than our home! Chloe wasn't too sure of it all come night though, and wouldn't sleep, but oh well. She was that way all weekend. I'm sure things will get easier as she gets older!
She had too much fun - though she was quite wiggly and tried to get into everything!
I was going to take Dwight to a game that night (Cubs were in town), but we opted out. So I took a picture when we drove by. :-P
Having a kitchen made it SO easy to fix snacks for Chloe!
20 Weeks - I didn't take that great of a shot.
Dwight took a much better one!
He took this one, too. :-)


Gail said...

How fun! Maggiano's and Anthro are two of the most happy places in the world! (When you're out on the town that is!) I'm glad y'all had so much fun. ;0)


By the way, you look adorable at 20 weeks! How are you feeling?

Elizabeth Bailey said...

I feel fantastic! Thanks for asking. :-)

How have *you* been feeling with your lil' boy? :-)

Stephanie B. said...

You look absolutely beautiful Beth!