Monday, August 2

Pictures - Post 2

After breakfast on Saturday we loaded up and headed to Estes Park to go to the Rocky Mountain National Park for two days. It was so beautiful! We even decided on our way out to switch to a year pass, since we knew it was definitely a place to head back to. So we can go back as often as we want now! It is about 3 hours from home.

*Btw, when pregnant you do have to be careful at high altitude. ;-) But since I live at 6500 ft, my midwife said I was fine as long as I drank lots (which was kind of scary... I wasn't sure how the washroom situation was going to pan out and I am a major girly-girl), and kept feeling okay. Oh, and she said no Fourteener summits.  Just in case you were wondering - I know what the books say. ;-D

View of the mountains after we left Boulder, CO.
Stopped for a yummy picnic lunch (and tried to figure out where we were - never let someone who is directionally challenged {ME!} be in charge of the directions and maps.)  ;-)
Side of the road - it was all so pretty!
He's so handsome. :-)
There were so many pretty flowers!
Heading up above the tree line to Alpine Ridge (11,796 ft.)
She was a good sport (during the day!)
I'm weird and have to include the family car in pics for future memory's sake. :-P
The Continental Divide at Milner Pass (at 10, 758 ft.)
More pretty flowers. :-)
Poudre Lake. Yup, Spot and blankie had to come along. ;-)
A pretty lake amidst the ridges.
Beware of giggles from the back seat. This time it was wipes strewn about, the next time - it was the map. She sure was having fun! (and I had to go ruin it...)
Stopped at Endovally/ Alluvial Fan for a hike on our way back to the campsite.
Just being silly. ;-P
Made it to the waterfall. I love waterfalls!
 Our campsite at Aspenglen. No one was able to stay at the site next to ours because already this season 2 tents had been destroyed there by a bear (at night - yikes!). Exciting news for Dwight, but not for me. I really started praying when they came around saying that one of the bears that had been "visiting" was spotted on of the the nearby hills. Obviously, we survived. And we didn't see any bears. Sorry, Honey.
Our "home-away-from-home" and the one-match fire my outdoorsy husband built. That man has skills. It was so much fun to be with him!
Dinner time! It was fun to be with Chloe-girlie, too. :-)

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