Wednesday, September 1

C.S. Lewis Quote & Chloe stuff. :-)

It is not your business to succeed, but to do right; when you have done so, the rest lies with God. 
- C.S. Lewis

Life has been pretty busy around here lately. I can hardly believe Chloe turns 1 year this month! She certainly isn't a lil' baby anymore. :-) I wanted to upload some videos that we took last week of her walking but I can't find my little gadget that I use to get the pics from my camera to my laptop (I'll ask Dwight to hunt for it - I put things in the strangest places, yet he has always found them!). Yup! She can walk halfway across a room now, she just stops because she isn't too sure of herself yet... I suppose it is time to go shoe shopping, eh? :-) And she never ceases to crack us up. She has this motion/ action she had been doing to us a few times... and then we figured out what she was wanting. She was asking us for a shoulder rub! Of all things! ;-) I guess she has seen daddy giving them to mama and she wanted one too! She gets so happy when we oblige and then scampers off to play! It is hilarious. She'll also get these giggle fits where she just can't seem to stop. Well we probably keep each other laughing during those. ;-) She loves her farm animal books & puzzle and Dwight has taught the two of us (haha) how to correctly make the sounds. She is a expert at pig sounds, but is working on the cow and goat ones, too. :-) 

And she still loves to cook. :-) We made apple butter and will be trying to come up with some peach butter later today. After I take care of our atrocious-looking fridge... and take care of Mt. Dishmore. We are silly. We have a dishwasher, but we have never used it. Not once. And we won't until someone can prove to us that the people who lived here formerly washed all their food off before putting their dishes in AND that there aren't lil' ancient particles that will spew out onto the dishes we'll be eating off of. Okay, so we are weird. :-P The joys of apt. living. ;-D


Gail said...

So special to hear you talk about your sweet little girl and the blessing she has been to you and your hubby. I've been very emotional lately thinking about our little-one-to-be. What a special gift from God these little babies are to our adult hearts, aren't they?

Do tell us about your recipe for the butters! Sounds so yummy!



Cynthia said...

I feel the same way about our dishwasher! It is used to store delicate glassware and large pieces I can't fit in any other cabinets. :)