Tuesday, September 7

Pictures - he found the adapter. ;-)

"I like to make faces. I also like it when people tell me I'm cute. ;-) " - Chloe
Upside down. She about did a summersault off the bed yesterday. *That* wouldn't have been fun. 
She makes us happy... and unsure of our parenting skills. ;-)
What I'm looking like - 25 weeks. 
What I feel like! ;-) 

I tried to figure out how to load the videos but I think my internet connection is too slow. Oh well. At least I can connect (which isn't always the case!). Our apt. complex has free internet, and it used to reach our apt., but it doesn't too well anymore. But hey, something is better than nothing! ;-D And to think this stuff didn't even exist all that long ago... it is sad how dependent I can be on it! 

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