Monday, September 27

The Birthday Girl :-)

She had a lovely birthday, getting to celebrate with with Grandma & Grandpa Bailey (and Aunt Hannah, Aunt Abby, Aunt Dora and Uncle Cliff), Papa & Baba Pleckham (and Aunt Kate, Uncle Henry and Uncle Sam), getting to see her three Great-Grandmas and her "Grandpa that is Great", her Uncle Andy and Aunt Renee & cousin Alissa, attending Tim and Evy's wedding, and enjoying a delightful (haha!) 40+ hours strapped in a car seat over the course of a week. She was actually really great in the car, I prayed and prayed and hoped and hoped... and she only had 3 crying spells the entire trip (each lasting about 15 minutes until she fell asleep)! And amazingly... she still gets excited when it is time to go "bye-bye!" 


old woman said...

baba- a term of endearment. French from Polish, literally, old woman. Baba is used for old woman or grandmother in most slavic languages.

Elizabeth Bailey said...

I forgot about that - I should ask and see if that is what inspired it... I'm so forgetful these days!