Wednesday, December 2


Of course, when we think we don't have what we want to have, what we think we ought to have, we are being discontented with the state God has put us in. The antidote to discontentment is thankfulness and giving up our own way, our own ideas of what we think we have to have. We get God from that. We get His grace. - Elisabeth Elliot

The opposite of poverty (is not wealth, it) is enough. - Compassion International

Leaving our families was hard. We are blessed to be a part of a fantastic church and also a great life-group, but it still gets pretty lonely at times! There are so many things we hope for - to be content with where God has placed us for this time being can be difficult - I want to know what the next step is and when it's gonna happen! ;-) God, help me learn to be content with your plans and provisions for me! I have so much to be grateful for!

*A marvelous year of being married to the most Godly and handsome man I know. His wisdom, kindness and desire for the things of God run deep. He treasures me and it is an honor to be his wife
*Our little girl. She brings me such joy! I love singing to her, reading to her, and playing games. She has the cutest giggle. :-)
*Our Faithful Redeemer. I pray that Chloe learns to love Him and give Him her life at an early age!
*Extended families who encourage us and support us with love and stories from when we were little, etc. :-) It was wonderful to be able to spend the last two weeks with them.
*Wonderful friends! :-)
*A safe pregnancy & delivery with Chloe, and health for all of us! She is doing extremely well. I'm also grateful for a fantastic pediatrician. I couldn't be happier with them!
* Our wonderful Church with Godly preaching and our life-group. I LOVE our life-group. Not only are they inspiring to me with their lives of faith & joy - they are heaps of fun. :-) {at church, our life-group is even known as the "fun group". Who'da thought?:-)}
* Beautiful mountains to look at. I love it when they are snow-capped.
*Dwight's job at Focus on the Family, which is sufficient to provide for our needs!
*Our cozy apartment. I love keeping a home for Dwight and our girlie! Visitors are welcome, as long as you don't mind sleeping in a sleeping bag on the floor. ;-) It is a lil' home for a lil' family. :-)
*A sparkly Christmas tree, warm tea, scented candles, etc. I can't help it. They make me happy!

This post by Young Marrieds was encouraging to me, and it kinda ties in, so here you go. :-) Small Beginnings.

Have a wonderful December, all!

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