Thursday, December 31

2009 from my nest's vantage point

Is it just me, or is the thought of 2010 just a bit strange? It’s like, hello? What happened to the last twelve months? :-)

At our last life-group, one of the guys asked if everyone would share what God had taught them in this past year. One thing I really like about our group is that they are more than just a ton of fun, they are open about who they are and what God is doing. But anywho, that has had me thinking about things, and about how God has continued to teach me more about trusting Him, and about His grace in my life. These are lessons He has been teaching me awhile… and I hope the lesson never ends, even though the ways to learn seem hard at the time! Sorry this is SO long!
*He has taught me about His grace through our marriage. I honestly have never been so deeply, contentedly happy. :-) Dwight is the hugest blessing I could have ever dreamed up! I had no idea when we began our friendship what a man he was… it is fun discovering more and more about him! I know I have SO much to learn about being a godly wife and friend to him, but it is definitely fun learning, I just get impatient and want to be the wife to him now that I hope to be when we are 100, but growth comes with time. :-)
*He has taught me about trusting in His graciousness as He provides for our needs. Learning to differentiate between needs and wants can be difficult sometimes, but He (and Dwight) is so patient with me! I never budgeted when I was single, so learning to do that is kind of different, but good. Dwight and I know that his being an accountant in full-time ministry (as his stated occupation- we want it to be our mentality for the rest of our lives) is probably only short-term, but it is where He has us now, and that it good, even though it definitely brings its own set of frustrations (those in full-time ministry know what I’m talking about :-P). And honestly, I don’t think people expect that when you are an accountant, or something like that in ministry. It is like they expect those frustrations to only be there when you are something like a pastor, etc. (or another “official ministry type” title). But they are there just the same. But God is our faithful provider, and we are blessed that Focus is able to offer benefits like health insurance. Comes in handy when you have a baby! :-)
*He has taught me His grace in times of loneliness. It is hard being so far away from our families and friends. Aside from our small group, I really don’t know anyone here, and it is so different than living at Heritage, with girls popping in and out of the apartment, not to mention having Kate around. :-) But God has been gracious in allowing friends to come into the area so much more than I expected. I’m trying to think… I got to see Christy like 3 or 4 times??? :-D And Kate several times as well! And Erin and Chloe, and Heidi and Rachel and Amy (others too!)… I have truly been blessed!
*He has taught be about trusting with my health, and how He cares about details (like taking care of Chloe), more than I even do! I have been so tired this past year, and have had a difficult time rebounding since Chloe’s birth, but I know that full healing with come in time. :-) Dwight is so sweet when I’m feeling down, and Chloe is even extra content on those days! And we have the best moms. :-)  When I had the kidney infection these past weeks, my mom flew out the day after I called and asked her to come, and Dwight’s mom was willing to come out, too, even though it was the week before Christmas and it wasn’t easy for either of them to get away from home (and the kiddos still at home!). But it was such a relief to have Mom here (she flew home Christmas morning). We had some rough bits during the time I was sick, and there were times where I was scared because we didn’t know what we should do, and if I would need more than the doctor’s office could give me, but things are so much better now. Now I just need to get strong again. :-) God is gracious in that I was able to begin nursing again after the worst of it was over. (We had to switch to formula because I thought I wouldn’t be able to nurse anymore - I dried up, not to mention one doctor put me on medicine that I shouldn’t have been on, but He has restored my supply back to where it was before I got sick, which is wonderful for several reasons!)
*He has taught me about His graciousness in giving me a huge desire of my heart. I got to become a Mama this past year, and it is the best job in the world! I love my little girlie so much. It is incredible to watch her grow – and wow does she grow! ;-) We are blessed that she is so healthy, and that even her little trip to the E.R. with her toe was quickly taken care of and healed well. I love her laughs and giggles, and her chatter. She is all girl. Loves to talk and look at herself in the mirror. When she realizes how cute she is, we are in trouble! I love singing to her, and just holding her. She is definitely a smiley snuggle-bug.
*I am still in the midst of learning trusting God with our cars and apartment. :-) We had one car get us safely to our families and then back home, but is now pretty much out of commission, so we need to decide what to do about it. Thankfully, it isn’t difficult being a 1-car family, and I don’t mind at all not having one available to me – just glad that we have the Jeep for Dwight to get to work! (Yes, I love that jeep. Even thought it is a gas-hog. There is just something about a 4-wheel drive that makes one feel adventurous! Trucks and SUVs make me very happy.) And it is looking like we will probably be moving to another apartment in the next month. (Such as exhausting thought. But we have issues related to a new neighbor and strong cigarette odors infiltrating inside.)  So even though I don’t know how those two situations are going to pan out, I know that God is in control of them!

Other random lessons –
* Stretch marks are ugly. Enough said. And when I get strong again, sit-ups will be a new great friend.
* Colorado has weird weather.
* I love humidity. I really miss humidity. Our humidifier runs non­-stop.
* We live at 6500 feet. I cannot cook rice normally for the life of me. Many recipes just are absolute flops. But for some reason, I still have good luck with Southern Living recipes. Go figure.  I knew I liked that magazine for some reason.
* I am in desperate need of beef recipes. Please share. :-)
* Cloth diapers are cute. Chloe is currently wearing a bright pink cover. I know, like you really care for that type of info. And, that I’m a disposable diaper snob. There is only one type that I can stand putting on her. :-P I know, pathetic.
* I am getting quite tired of WBLA. It is almost finished (on 54!), and I’m mortified that it isn’t done yet, but I’m really tired of it.
* Root-beer floats are amazing. So is the cherry coating on Dilly-bars. 
*That if I ever get to design my kitchen, I should not install a dishwasher. I’ve had one for over a year now, and have not used it once. 

Anywho, I would definitely say that 2009 was a marvelous year. I mean really, wouldn’t life be boring if not for the ups and downs? :-D Here’s to 2010 (I’m guessing it will be April before I start writing the correct date! Hehe!)

Love you, my friends! 

*Praise update: Dwight's car sold quickly on Craigslist, and it looks like we move into a different apt. on the 16th. Thankfully, our small group is coming over to help with the lugging. :-D They are so sweet and Dwight was quick to agree that we pick up pizza for all that day. He really likes pizza. :-) 

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