Tuesday, December 8

$ 5 Dollar Magazines from Amazon $

Okay, so this is a big splurge for me, since my Amazon gift cards (courtesy of Swagbucks - see below if you aren't familiar with that - you'll want to be!!!) are verified, but not posted yet. Which means I actually have to pay for them, err. But anyways, Amazon has been having a select group of magazines on sale for $5.00 (yes, for a year's subscription!) for Christmas, and each week it is a different set to choose from. So last week - yeah, this week is the
last one for me! - I was able to pick up Real Simple and Southern Living, and this week they are offering Country Living among their choices. Happiness!!! :-) Check it out here. :-)

Okay. So what is Swagbucks? Basically, I use it as a search engine (instead of Google). Every now and then, a little box pops up saying that I have won 1 or 2 or 4, etc. "Swagbucks". These "bucks" are put into my account that I have with them (which is free) and I can cash them in for things like Amazon gift cards (45 Swagbucks = $5.00 Amazon gift card). I haven't had ANY spam, or anything else negative from them at all. And have been able to get over $25.00 in gift cards in just a few months! Please consider using my referral if you want to try it out for yourself!
(okay, so that was shameless, see what I get out of it by checking their referral section on their site - you'll want to get your friends to sign up too! *wink*)

*Note - Last year I am positive that I was able to use over $5 worth of coupons out of Real Simple. So... guess that is one way to justify it! :-) Now I am trying to recall if Country Living had coupons... and can't.

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