Wednesday, April 15

A sweet little baby!

I am happy to announce to you dear friends that a little Bailey is heading our way! Dwight and I are overwhelmed at the responsibility of being parents, but so grateful for this precious life that God has given to us!

Our baby's anticipated due date is September 9th (yup... 09.09.09!), and baby is healthy and strong! It's so much fun to feel this sweet baby wiggling and thumping around inside of me, he/she is rather hyper! ;-) The other day baby was kicking quite hard... Dwight could even feel him!

I have the 20 week ultrasound next week, and mom (possibly Kate, too) will be able to go with me (I had the 1st ultrasound when I was about 10 weeks along... seeing baby is so precious!!!). Dwight and I have decided not to "discover" whether baby is boy/or girl... pray that our precious child is modest! ;-) 'Cause I love watching the screen... and seeing baby wiggle and move!

My family gets here on Saturday—I'm so excited to see them! I haven't seen my parents or the boys since Dwight and I pulled out from the wedding to head off on our honeymoon!

Overall the pregnancy has gone well, I began feeling nauseous/ headachey/ bloated very early on (eeks! couldn't zip most of my pants or fit into some of my skirts within 2 weeks of conceiving!). Thankfully the actually "getting sick" part is over with for now. (I hope!) That phase began shortly before the 2nd trimester began, basically just about the time I thought I was getting lucky. Argh. And I've been soooo sleepy. Causes me to love our comfy bed. And my sweet husband who encourages me to take many naps and not overdo it. :-) He has been marvelous to me... I think our baby has the best daddy in the world!

So thankful for God's graciousness to us and for this beautiful gift!...


Jessica Shae said...

This is so exciting!!!
I am always happy to hear about new little baby's that are on their way :)

SO happy for you Elizabeth and hope things continue to go well for you.

God bless!

KarenR said...

Hehehehehe! I am so happy for you! Our little one should be coming in July (the 23rd is the due date). I love feeling of the baby moving around, but I dislike the back pains! I hope you don't have to go through that.
congrats once again!

Valerie said...

I'm so excited for you both,Dwight & Elizabeth! What a treasure the Lord is entrusting you with in giving you this little one.

May you cherish every moment of this wonderful new phase of your lives together for, believe it or not, it will be gone all too soon.

Congratulations!! :-)
~ Valerie
(another former HQer)

P.S. - I must admit, Elizabeth, I had to wonder if this announcement was coming when I read your 2/9 post. :-)

JBWC said...

Congratulations Elizabeth!!! Babies are soooo incredibly sweet and each one is amazingly special. Enjoy this time that it's inside preparing to make its grand'll kind of miss it when it's not inside anymore...although having them in your arms is just wonderful too!!


~ Becca Barta

Elizabeth Anne said...

Thank you girls! Your kind comments made my day! Blessings to you all!

BB said...

Congrats!!!! I am so excited for you!!!!! I just recently got married myself and both my darling and I are praying for a little one soon! We married on the 18th of April and the wedding was beautiful!
Praying for you and your hubby as your little one grows inside of you!!!Oh I am so excited for you!!!