Tuesday, April 28

"Oh, wouldn't it be loverly?!"

Thank you so much for rejoicing with us in the coming arrival of our baby! Y'all are too sweet. :-)

I'm going to ask Dwight to help me figure out the scanner so I can post some of the ultrasound pictures. One (it is 3D or something like that) is darling - our little sweet pea is sucking his/her thumb, and you can see baby's little nose! Baby has definitely been getting stronger, too. I love the kicks! Most of the time it just tickles, but Baby seems to have an affinity for kicking my pelvic bone and bladder, and I have slightly different feelings about that. Oh well, I praise God for such an active little one!

Baby really wasn't too cooperative at the Ultrasound, the technician really had to work, because he/she was a bit stubborn! ;-) Worries Dwight and I a bit... cause we are a bit familiar with this baby's parents. We should have been sweeter to our parents in our childhood! I was a chubby little toddler with blonde curls and big blue eyes... but a bit of a drama queen when I wanted my way. I dislocated by elbow twice throwing temper tantrums, both because at the ripe age of two I was convinced that I was definitely able to take care of myself and refused to hold anyone's hand. Yeah right. Once was in the middle of O'Hare airport, the other was at an intersection in downtown Chicago. I guess if you are gonna do something, might as well give 100%. Groan. And then there was the time my Uncle asked if I would share my cupcake with him. I said "sure!", promptly taking a big lick off the entire top before handing it to him. I know, real self-sacrificing. That one is *sadly* on videotape (I was five), and I actually maintained the sweetest little smirk the whole time. Poor guy.

It was marvelous to have my family here! I miss them so much! They piled into our little living room (our apt. is about 570 sq. feet total- perfect size for camping out with sleeping bags!), and spoiled us rotten. My dad made his pancakes, and mom made her asparagus. Yum, yum!!! Oh, and Kate made her macadamia nut cookies, which definitely help me towards my daily protein goal, right? And they brought lotsa Giordano's deep-dish pizza. Call it a Chicago thing. :-)

We had so much fun tramping around Garden of the Gods, Manitou Springs, Castle Rock, the AF Academy, Focus (at which supposedly the boys set the record for the number of times going down the slide at Whit's end - I don't know how they were able to sit afterward, it is a bumpy ride!), and elsewhere. It was so much fun (even though I was beyond exhausted and my poor calves ached)!!! It was so hard saying goodbye - Dwight held me as I cried all morning! (And poor Sammy is still crying... the distance is really hard on the guys.) He was so cute. He and Henry called me throughout the day and one time Sam goes "I'd climb Mount Everest in my *underwear* if it meant seeing you sooner!". He could barely get the words out he was crying so hard. They are definitely "my two boys." I love them all so very much.

Well anyways - thank you for your continued prayers for Dwight, I and baby! They mean so much to us. Let me know if you are ever in the Colorado Springs area! I'm off to go sooth my tongue. I burned it yesterday licking a spoon. Oh brain - "where art thou???!" I know you don't lick metal spoons immediately upon taking them out of a boiling mixture. I don't know what I was thinking. Was I thinking? ;-P

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