Friday, October 21

Time for some *PINK* cake!

Well, we enjoyed a fun surprise on Tuesday that caused me to go out and hurriedly make a pink cake before Dwight got home from work. The reason? Well... we found out we are having another little girlie in March, and that is how Daddy was going to find out! :-) (That was the plan anyway, I accidentally blurted it out when Dwight was teasing me... so hopeless at hiding reactions!) I had no preference for either a boy or girl - since I already know how fun and unique each can be! I guess I just didn't want to wait this time until the birth - impatient, impatient!

We are so thankful for God's preservation of this lil' one's life! At the appointment (which was my first for this pregnancy) we discovered that I was 17 weeks along instead of the supposed 12. She was so big and cute - with really long legs and arms! We didn't realize I was so far along because I had severe 1st trimester bleeding during the time we were packing and moving (must have been more stressed out than I realized). I didn't know there was a baby, so I didn't think anything of it (figured it was confirmation that I wasn't expecting!), but looking back now we can only thank Him for protecting her. And extra thankful for the friends and family who came and did the heavy lifting with Dwight! Guess it makes sense now why I was so tired and nauseous during that time... I just chalked it up to being a wimp (which I am). ;-) They did a quick anatomy scan and she looks healthy as can be!

She is such a little wiggleworm (just like big brother and sister). It is fun to feel her moving about! During the ultrasound, she waved her little hand at us. Zachary and Chloe enjoyed that! She is beautiful. :-)

Thank you for our children, Lord! We sure love them! :-)


Gail said...

Yay! Congrats on another sweet little girl! It's been fun to watch your little family grow. :) When I first started reading your blog it was only Chloe, now look at you! A mother of 3!

God bless,

Rachel said...

How exciting! Praise God for His protection on your precious little girl.

Monica DeMass said...

Awwww!! That is SO exciting! Congratulations! :-D Love the Pink cake thing...;)