Sunday, October 16

Leaves, Pumpkins & Life @ the Baileys.

Happy Fall to you! Isn't Fall amazing? I love the sound of crunchy leaved as we step on them, the smell of baking pumpkin in the air (Libby's pumpkin factory is a few blocks away!), and the cool days that leave me wanting to curl up with a blanket and a cup of tea (is it nap time yet?). God has been so good to us amidst this crazy year and we are left very thankful and humbled by His mercy to us.

Dwight has been working at Samaritan Ministries Intl. (a ministry offering affordable heath-care coverage for Christian individuals and families seeking an alternative to typical health insurance while supporting the body of Christ in their needs) which is based out of the Peoria, Illinois area. It is an amazing story of how we found out they were looking for a CPA, weren't interested, had a change of heart, and then the job was made available to him. It has definitely been an example of God's goodness in our lives!

As you know from a previous post, we were kind of in a "where are we going to live?" panic when we were faced with finding housing on a short time frame (10 days!) in an area that basically just didn't offer much. ;-) Little did we know, my uncle had a home listed for sale in the area (but hadn't had any interest), and he called and offered to let us stay there with a very reasonable rent. It was such a relief to be able to move into a wonderful area right away! It was another miracle worked out!

The next couple weeks were insane as the realtors informed us of how we brought "good luck" to the home. Hah. Hah. Hah. :-P Basically, that meant that in the first 14 days of living there, the house was shown or prepared to be shown seemingly 10 times, each on a different day. It was a challenge to have it looking presentable on short notice (and like we didn't just get there!) with two little ones, but God gave grace and bits of energy to get us through. Yet, I cried a lot. Isn't it crazy how we (ahem *I*) can become so self-centered amongst something that is such a good thing??? Then there were offers put on the house and we were told that we would probably be needing to move in the next couple of weeks.

To make a long story short, WE ended up buying the house. We were so happy to be able to be settled into our very own home, with the closing behind us, just 2 months after moving into the area! When we were job hunting and wondering how everything was going to go, there is no way I could have ever imagined such goodness. :-) It is a loverly 2-story home with plenty of room for us to raise a growing family in (decent-sized yard too (once the weeds are cleared!) and in a wonderful & safe area with the library and parks just a short walking distance away. Supposedly built in 1873, it has so much of the fun character that comes with an older home - high ceilings, rope & pulley windows that are really tall, woodwork & wood floors, stained glass window, and even a humongous boiler living in our basement. ;-P It will be so fun fun to make "ours!" An added bonus is knowing that it really needs no work done to it - my uncle pretty much did most everything already (though we do want to do some exterior work, but that is inconsequential compared to the inside)! After helping my family tear our home down to its studs earlier in my years (I know... they have been so many of those) and then renovate it... that is music to my ears. :-P

So life is continuing on and the kids are growing and growing! Chloe turned 2 last month (can you believe I have a two year old???!), and Zachary (9 months) is a cruiser on the move. Dwight and I were able to spend yesterday going to a wedding of a friend of ours in Indiana (sans little ones - veeeerrrry rare occurrence), it was so much fun to be able to be together and talk! He is my best friend and I love him so very much!

Happy Fall and Thanksgiving season to you all! :-)

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