Friday, June 24

Miss Chloe Sophia

I love having a little girl who wants to be just like Mum... wanting a spritz of perfume when I'm getting ready for the day, taking my purse (filled with her things) outside with her to play ( lol, my handbag becomes a shoulder bag!), stepping on every bug she sees to ensure it dies, laughing like me, feeding/ holding/ diaper-changing her baby doll, cooking and baking (with her very own apron thanks to Erin & Hope... she loves it!), "reading", praying with her eyes shut while holding Daddy's hand, singing wherever she is, she is even trying so hard to beg for pierced ears (we'll talk more about that one in 10+ years) ... :-)

But what I really want is for her to be like Jesus... because I know of all the things in my life I don't want for her to mimic or imitate! It truly is a sobering thought to realize how much my lil' sweetheart wants to copy me. Even just the lil' mannerisms she picks up. Rather scary, actually! I love her so much, and she is being such a wonderful big sister to Zachary! We are so thankful for her beautiful, sweet, curious, and energetic little life. :-D (Don't worry my lil' chap, a post about you will come soon!)

We have fun teaching her new things (well, teaching her to obey isn't always that fun...). She isn't talking all that much yet, but understands seemingly everything! She is veryyyyy adventurous (even willingly ate a chocolate covered cidada along with her Daddy and I, though I must add that Daddy was very gallant to eat the heads for us. She didn't want to, and as I couldn't... I wasn't about to make her! She said "Yum!" after finishing hers. Bleh.). She loves to give hugs and give (and blow!) kisses and do summersaults. Another random fact about her? We are pretty sure she is left-handed. :-)

Cousins! :-)

Riding a donkey with her Aunt Dora and Cousin Alissa. :-) (With Aunt Abby and Aunt Renee helping)

She loves it that she can carry her baby like I carry Zachary.

Making calzones for Daddy's lunch. Look at her pink rolling pin!

Yes, we take pictures of our kids while they are sleeping. We can't help it... you've probably caught on that we think they are quite cute. ;-P

Laughing. ;-)

Modeling her haircut once I finalllly cut it!
Where has the time gone??? :-P
She was so good on moving day. Over 13 hours in almost 100 degrees with no air conditioning. With only 4 stops. My babies are troopers!

She loves her American Girl catalog!
Cleaning up strawberries. :-) 

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