Tuesday, June 28

Our lil' Man

Zachary is all boy... it is so much fun! And he is a very happy lil' guy at that, always laughing or smiling (well, unless he is starving or needs changed, but that is very understandable!). And hungry? Well, he is hungry all the time - definitely a boy! I am so thankful for our buddy and that God allowed him to get past those early scary days to be a healthy and strong boy who we pray will be a mighty man for the Lord as he grows and a courageous leader. He is an easy-going chap who loves attention, we can even tell times where he gets a bit jealous of his big sister... when I hold her while Dwight holds him, he won't let me out of his sight without complaint! So I don't mind at all when he wakes up at night or doesn't take a particularly long nap during the afternoon, cause he needs Mama time, too. I love holding him and laughing with him. The littlest things make him so happy. He really enjoys it when Dwight or I read to him or sing/ play music. He loves his Grandmas and Grandpas & Aunts and Uncles (he has lots!). He adores Chloe, and patiently endures all the kisses she gives him... what is funny though is the delight he shows while pulling her hair. We rescue her the first time, but when it is intentional (i.e. practically placing her hair in his hands) she is on her own! He giggles and giggles. :-)

He is very determined and is a roly-poly even though it causes him to wake up more at night when he discovers that he just flipped himself over. He can sit supported (and sometimes even all by himself).  It seems so crazy that he is so big already. And he loves, loves, loves food. Did we say he is hungry a lot? Yup, he is a boy! Where in the world have these past six months gone? I guess time flies when you are having fun! (And moving, etc. lol.)

Gotta love the hair "flame". In case you're wondering his hair is red - and getting redder!

I love his big blue eyes!
All boy!
What'cha looking at Mum?

I can fly!

I love them! He's got the best daddy. :-)

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