Monday, February 28

Smiles & Giggles


Peaceful Psalter said...

Aww. Zach's changed so much since I was there. Wow - he's already into that 3/6 month top I gave him too. Big guy! So adorable.

Stephanie B. said...

Zachary is a darling little boy! so precious. :-D

Yeah, I expect our next one to not like being swaddled. :-P

Hudson just turned 2 on March 2nd. I am going to start posting more pictures of him on my blog. :-)

Yep, I've noticed blog backgrounds you've had that I would have picked. I think we have similar styles/decorating tastes/hobbies. :-)

Stephanie B. said...

I love the new look. How did you get a header like that? Obviously I don't want the same one, I just want a header. :-D