Tuesday, February 8

Just something fun...

Yesterday I was browsing around online for a bit and was inspired to begin dreaming up a sewing project that will probably not happen for a bit yet, but was fun to think about anyways! I rediscovered a website called Shabby Apple, that sells amazingly lovely dresses. Although I wouldn't say I would wear all of them, there were a few that definitely caught my eye! So now the inspiration they have provided just needs the some pretty pink fabric, some yellow floral fabric, and maybe some seersucker... and time. Hah. ;-D Here is one to show you what I saw... This one is called Pina Colada, and then I also liked their Garden Isle & the Penelope and Odysseus. Just some fun girly stuff! :-)

I love how their dresses are longer-than-most (falling at about the knee) and made with thicker-weight fabrics.  And the attention to details! Ruching, buttons, ruffles & pleats! :-) Who  says all that is just for lil' girls? {Grin}

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Stephanie B. said...

Totally in love with this site now. Thanks for sharing!

My favorite is this one: