Friday, July 23

Fun with Mama

I am continually amazed my just how fun, life-changing, and fulfilling mommyhood is. I love my lil' dolly so much. We thank the Lord for her daily and definitely don't take her or "Sproutsie" for granted!

I do admit it, though, that dressing her, playing with her hair, etc. is WAY too enjoyable. Poor girl, it probably causes her trauma. :-P But the other day I began to think that *just maybe* it might be able to go into pigtails. Yup, she definitely doesn't get all her hair at this age from my genetics. I was bald, and then I eventually had blonde curls that gradually darkened and become more red. (And those curls have mainly left... weep.)

Isn't she just too adorable? And yes, that is a diaper insert. Please don't be grossed out, it was very clean—I promise. She was "helping" me fold laundry and she has this utter fascination with tags.  It is quite entertaining, actually. :-) 

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Lydia Collin said...

She looks like a little girl, not a baby! =)