Friday, July 9


So today we dressed up in our black and white and went to Chik-fil-a to celebrate "Cow Appreciation Day" and to hopefully be given some free lunch. ;-)

Chloe received her very 1st Kid's meal and she was so proud of her little cow toy. And I really do have spots, I promise. Chloe just helped herself to any that were within reach as I was holding her while waiting in line. :-P


Gail said...

Beth...thank you for your sweet comment on my blog. The party was such a fun thing to put together!

You two look adorable here! Man, I wish I had heard about "Cow Appreciation Day". That's awesome and I love chick-fil-a! Believe it or not, it was my first job as a teenager. HA! Nothing beats coming home every night smelling like greasy chicken!


Stephanie B. said...

Aww! So cute. :-D

Sarah said...

I love Cow Day! :D We did it for lunch and dinner. For dinner, I put ears on my camera and they gave it a free ice-cream cone! :D