Friday, April 16


I guess it pays off to enter contests. :-) Sometimes you win!

I LOVE my Beco baby carrier. Chloe does too (always a plus!). It is so great to be able to have my hands free to clean and do dishes when she is fussy and clingy, I feel more secure with her when I'm out shopping (i.e., never have to worry about turning my head away from her while I grab milk or something off the shelves), and it makes seeing the world just a bit easier! Touring St. Augustine and then a hike we did with Tosha at Glen Eryie (crossed a creek via stone-hopping 26 times on our way to the waterfall) were both so much easier since we didn't have to have a stroller (the creek wouldn't have been possible with one). And the airport... whew was that ever easy!I highly suggest a good quality & safe carrier. It definitely makes my Top 10 baby list.

So, I was very excited to be one the 50 chosen to receive one of these:
I've agreed to participate in their 30 day challenge (in May), where basically I become an advocate of the product. So... be warned. You'll hear LOTS more about it. ;-) Thanks y'all, for bearing with me and my craziness. :-)

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