Thursday, April 29

Woohoo, off I go!

Our girlie is on the move. :-) She loves to hold on to our hands and walk, and can now pull herself up to standing and even cruise a bit! She is a lot of fun. :-) Except she has two teeth right about to pop out (C'mon teeth! Quit agonizing all of us!), and no amount of pain relief is helping. Poor baby!

She also seems to have some Canadian/ English influence. ;-) I'm "Mum." :-)  (Hehe... she's looking a bit vicious, isn't she? She really does give sweet hugs! :-) )

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Gail said...


Of course I don't mind if you follow my blog! ;) I love it....and now that I'm reading your sweet blog, I'm totally sold. My jaw just about dropped when I read that one of your favorite movies/books is Anne of Green Gables & Little House. I think I might have found a kindred spirit.

Looking forward to getting to read your blog & know you more...