Monday, November 29

~ November ~

Just a few days shy of 37 weeks! :-D I'm not coordinated enough to take a self-picture AND smile... :-P

So Dwight took this one. :-) There is no point in taking pictures from the front, because from that angle I don't look pregnant. I don't know where these babies hide (Chloe was the same way - though they do seem to enjoy pressing against my tailbone), but it is nice that I can still wear some of my regular clothes (so that they are long sleeved!). Brrr - it's cold here! My midwife says all is looking great and I'm only measuring 1 week small. So, I'm actually bigger this time around. LOL. I've gained more this time, too. Which worries me, because Chloe was big for a CO  high-altitude baby. ;-)

Chloe likes to "dress" herself. :-)

She usually has the right idea... she'll get it eventually! :-) 

We take lots of pictures when she is sleeping. 

She loves to eat bananas. With the peel still on - she is our lil' monkey!

Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving! :-) We missed our families, but had a fun week of celebrating our 2nd anniversary together and then spending Thanksgiving with friends. It is fun to make special meals and get the table and us all fancy. Dwight surprised me by coming home a few hours early on Monday... or maybe  I surprised him, since I still had my curlers in. :-P And then he came home early on Wednesday with Thurs. - Friday off. I love having him at home!

We're so thankful for each other, and I love him so much! I'm so glad we have Christ as the center of our home and marriage though, because the longer I'm a wife or Mum, the less "I know the way to do things!" ;-) Dwight is so loving and patient - I'm glad we get to learn together. :-)

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